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Mutts and Cats

Hi Patricia A. I certainly understand why you would be considering assisted living for your mother, and if you feel the slightest guilt for thinking about it – you shouldn’t. I have no doubt that being a full time caregiver is taking a toll on your health.

Thanks for the REDDIT tip. I will explore. I had found a really good forum called Canine Epilepsy Network, but it no longer seems to be active, or at least they are not accepting new registration. But I did get some good information, and encouragement, from reading old posts. I will definitely look into REDDIT.

My dog had a seizure this morning, and another one 20 minutes later. He has never had a second one like that. I spent the rest of the day sitting right beside him fearing that he would have a third one, but thankfully not.
Hope you, and your mother, are having a good (or at least not terrible) day. Hang in there. M&C