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Roger O

Just received and read Mike’s article on food allergies. I’d like to expand that a bit by saying that most (obviously not all) vets have no clue as what to do for food allergies.. The ones I’ve seen, or spoken to simply ask that I try an elimination diet, and when the dog stops having diarrhea, that’s the food that he’ll tolerate.

My pup is so sensitive to all animal protein, that he can only tolerate mahi mahi fish, nothing else. Even plain flounder upsets his stomach. Forget any mammalian red meat of any kind.

By the way, he does do ok on the hydralized protein food, but absolutely hates it, to the point that he’ll starve rather than eat. At almost 14 years old, I will not torture him, so mahi mahi it is…

Your suggestions, are greatly appreciated!