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Regina A

My male dog also suffered terribly from allergies. when I switched to a grain free and saw improvement I thought it was the grain he was allergic to even though the vet said it’s highly unlikely that a dog would be allergic to grain. all along it ended up being all the fish oil/fish meal. Not saying it is the same for you but I thought it was the grain because I changed dog food brands and saw improvement. Please read my post on “finally a a dog food with NO Fish Ingredients” I don’t know if you would want to try the food but it’s been a game changer for my dogs. They are both on Dr Pol’s healthy balance chicken recipe dry dog food. I saw the ingredients, doesn’t look like it has any fish product(omega’s) and no potatoes. It does have brown rice and barley but like I said…..it could be the other two ingredents and not the grain. might be worth a shot. hope this helps…