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    Staci W

    My dog has allergies and they effect his skin badly. I was informed by my vet to go grain free. That helped some but he was still having some major issues with loosing his fur and odors and well as bad skin. He was really starting to look like he had mange. Vet says no Potatoes. He has yeast and Potatoes feed yeast. Ok so I go find a food that has no grain and no potatoes. His skin is healing within days of this switch. But now he smells like cat pee. We do not have cats and he is a senior dog who does not hang outside long enough to roll in cat urine. I googled it and turns out it is common in dogs who are sensitive to high Omega 3 & 6. So now I need to find a dog food that is Grain Free, Potato Free, and low in Omegas. NO I’m not going to feed raw and NO I’m not going to cook for him. I barely have time to cook for myself let alone my doggo.

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    Regina A

    My male dog also suffered terribly from allergies. when I switched to a grain free and saw improvement I thought it was the grain he was allergic to even though the vet said it’s highly unlikely that a dog would be allergic to grain. all along it ended up being all the fish oil/fish meal. Not saying it is the same for you but I thought it was the grain because I changed dog food brands and saw improvement. Please read my post on “finally a a dog food with NO Fish Ingredients” I don’t know if you would want to try the food but it’s been a game changer for my dogs. They are both on Dr Pol’s healthy balance chicken recipe dry dog food. I saw the ingredients, doesn’t look like it has any fish product(omega’s) and no potatoes. It does have brown rice and barley but like I said… could be the other two ingredents and not the grain. might be worth a shot. hope this helps…

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