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Great V

Hi, Patricia J,

It was sad to know about the health issue your dog is suffering from. I have a 7-year-old German Shepherd. It faced a similar problem a few months ago. It is good that you are following a pet nutritionist right from the birth of your dog.

Generally, providing dog food with corn as its primary ingredient may impact its overall health. However, if your pet nutritionist knows the history of your dog and if he has ‘prescribed’ a specific diet, I feel you should follow his opinion.

If you want, you can visit another veterinarian specialized in pet nutrition for a second opinion. It is difficult to analyze why some dog food may be better for your dog when undergoing the leaking issue, as you mentioned.

Let a pet nutritionist decide what is good for your dog. To find a pet nutritionist nearby, log on to an online vet discovery platform and get the list of veterinarians in your area.

You can follow some simple steps to get the list of veterinary clinics in a particular city or metro area. For instance, if you are in Phoenix, find the best veterinary clinics in Phoenix along with GreatVet rating conveniently by either entering the metro area’s name in the search box, clicking on the state on the map provided or clicking on the link mentioning the particular metro area.