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Lluís Y

Please let me know where to find the CA/ P (Calcium / Phosphor) ratio per all recommended products. As you remark it is essential to care for Ca/P content for Puppies and Large Breeds like German Shepperd. You mention overexposure to Ca but what about getting too short on Ca? Thank you!! I forgot this in my previous post.

In particular I am very interested to know why best brands do not publish the protein, fat and carbohidrats compostion as well as if it includes an specific amount of vitamines and minerals.

My suggestion : .dogfoodadvisor MUST propose an standard form to be filled in (or not) for any manufacturer. Of course those who do not facilitate the whole form ….

Anyway this is how other industries control the Quality of any given product.

Thanks indeed for your task.

Lluís Ybero