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KathyA P

You sound like an awesome pet person with all you do for your dogs! We vary between Open Farm and Honest Kitchen and sometimes add their toppers. We always add a little warm water. We have 12 dogs. Two of them are picky eaters but one loves Honest Kitchen. The other loves Open Farm Turkey and Chicken grain free. I’m keeping track of the research about grain free but they’ve been on it a long time with no issues. Japanese Chin are also prone to luxating patella and the vet said a couple of them would require surgery. We had a rescue years ago that had permanently dislocated knees that we had put in place and his tibia needed moved. 12 weeks of cage rest and physical therapy three times daily. He did great! We decided since these two were young we would try supplements first. We bought Steadfast Canine supplements from Arenus.com. They love taking them and no more problems. We feed twice daily. If your pups get picky, you might check out http://www.openfarmpet.com I love the small size on the kibble too!