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Yvonne H


I gave my dog a NO-HIDE chicken chew and now have a very sick dog.

I did not leave the room. I watched her chewing. I cut off the pieces, with a scissor, she managed to loosen. After unrolling what seemed to be a piece of hide, I took the rest away from her.

Now she has vomited two days in a row . Loose stools and this morning vibrating or shaking probably due to pain and/or discomfort. This will now incur a vet visit and who knows what kind treatment.

Initially, because of their 100% satisfaction guarantee, I asked them for a refund. They want me to go back to the store and make the store responsible for their 100% product guarantee. In my opinion, Earth Animal should be backing their product not the seller.

And the customer rep has asked me to send them the remaining chew.
Not going to happen. I can only imagine the chew disappearing right after they tell me there is nothing wrong with it.

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