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Sorry, the website cut off your entire post, Patricia. So for her whole life my dog was always dog friendly (albeit the more submissive one in the group) and never had any issue with people. She was my brother’s dog and I watched her grow up, she never had to be muzzled at the vet, they fostered a GSD puppy at one point with no issues.

If it was just reactivity to dogs that would be a breeze– we have never done leash greetings and we don’t go to dog parks. She still loves people and approaches them to be pet, leans on them, wants to play– it’s only when being handled or touched in certain ways that she snaps, and she has yet to even actually break skin, it’s always the lightest nip and she’s right back to being cuddly when the person gives her space. So it’s exhausting when people come over and she’s all over them and jumping on the couch and wanting to snuggle but if they make one wrong move she will flip.

Dogs who completely ignore her she will also walk right past 9 times out of 10. It’s the dogs who show interest in her, or are walking behind us advancing, or other reactive dogs (unfortunately a lot of little ones in our neighborhood seem to hate her passionately) that will set her off. It’s not so much the reaction (she just freezes or pulls toward, sometimes shes actually interested) than the resulting stress (immediately pees after, pants a ton, constantly looking over her shoulder, walks frantically and speeds up to get away). There are some real REACTIVE dogs in our complex who are genuinely reactive- barking, growling, baring teeth- she does none of these things.

That being said, my main concerns are her clinginess, obsession with food, poop eating, and how she flinches even when I touch her abdomen area. Oh… and the excessive shedding! 🙂

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