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jeanne e

My dog had pancreatits for about 1+ years. I had to cook ( boil) white chicken breasts, only egg whites, etc. Homemade diet. Nothing fried. Eventually towards her end she so badly wanted her normal dry dog food . She started losing weight and with the winter here in NYS I chose to put her down ( 2015 ) as I felt with the snow, bad weather she would have a more difficult time with strength to get around. I had 3 dogs & a doggie door so all 3 of my dogs were used to going out as needed. Anyway, I was afraid she might go out on her own & collaspe & die. She was 15 years old, rescue, mixed breed and I know the end would happen with her weight loss. I did not want her to suffer.
A Pancreatitis attack is very painful. Pancreatitis with prescription medicine is controlable.
As for the chews or any type of treat ask your Vet, but I would have NOT given any to my dog as any type of food or treat that is harder for the dog to digest puts more stress on the digestive system. Hope this info helps.