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Patricia A

Ed E this is DFA reply…

Thanks for your email. For the last 6 years, we have prepared, posted and maintained more than 1000 dog food reviews representing some 4100 different recipes. Although every recipe is analyzed together with all the other “siblings” in its product line, we select one example and discuss it in detail in every review published on our website.

In many cases, we award a higher or lower star rating for specific recipes — known as “outliers”. There are a number of reasons why we might assign different star ratings to different recipes within the same product line. And the most common cause for these variations is typically due to our estimate of the meat content of a particular recipe. Or in some cases, we observe a higher or lower fat-to-protein ratio.

If you check the protein, fat and carbohydrate figures for a product, you should be able to see this difference.

Hope this helps.

Jackie B.
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