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Thanks guys for the tips. We have racked our brains for months trying to determine anything at all that could be causing the upper respiratory issues. Nothing comes to mind that has changed. His blankets are washed in “Hypoallergenic” soap, and I also have seasonal allergies myself so we use nothing scented, not even our deodorant or soap. Due to our history of adopting older dogs, we don’t have carpet anymore, we installed tile floors and use throw rugs which are washed often, nothing different since the day he was adopted 4 years ago and this started one year ago. Scoured outside as well looking for anything new, and nothing, but it seems to be steady with Freddie regardless of season. I had hopes that the hard freeze would end his issues, but nothing different. Vet gives him clean report, blood work good, appetite good, just damn post nasal drip and eye discharge…looks like my friend who has a bad case of hayfever in spring, but freddies lasts all year. Thanks again