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Rating: ★★★★☆

NutriSource Dog Food receives the Advisor’s second-highest tier rating of 4 stars.

The NutriSource Dog Food product line includes 10 dry dog foods.

Each recipe below includes its related AAFCO nutrient profile when available on the product’s official webpage: Growth, Maintenance, All Life Stages, Supplemental or Unspecified.

Important: Because many websites do not reliably specify which Growth or All Life Stages recipes are safe for large breed puppies, we do not include that data in this report. Be sure to check actual packaging for that information.

  • NutriSource Adult Chicken and Rice [A]
  • NutriSource Senior Chicken and Rice [M]
  • NutriSource Super Performance (5 stars) [A]
  • NutriSource Lamb Meal and Rice (3.5 stars)[A]
  • NutriSource Large Breed Puppy Chicken and Rice [A]
  • NutriSource Performance Chicken and Rice (5 stars) [A]
  • NutriSource Small and Medium Breed Puppy (5 stars) [A]
  • NutriSource Large Breed Adult Chicken and Rice (3.5 stars) [A]
  • NutriSource Weight Management Chicken and Rice (3.5 stars) [M]
  • NutriSource Large Breed Adult Lamb Meal and Rice (3.5 stars) [A]

NutriSource Adult Chicken and Rice was selected to represent the other products in the line for this review.

NutriSource Adult Chicken and Rice Formula

Dry Dog Food

Estimated Dry Matter Nutrient Content

Protein = 29% | Fat = 18% | Carbs = 45%

Ingredients: Chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, barley, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols and citric acid), white rice, oatmeal, fish meal (a source of fish oil), beet pulp-dried, turkey and chicken flavor, flax seeds, dried brewers yeast, salt, potassium chloride, minerals (zinc proteinate, iron proteinate, copper proteinate, manganese proteinate, cobalt proteinate, selenium yeast), vitamins (vitamin A acetate, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, niacin, d-calcium pantothenate, thiamine mononitrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin supplement, folic acid, biotin, vitamin B12 supplement), lactic acid, glucosamine hydrochloride, choline chloride, l-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (source of vitamin C), chondroitin sulfate, Yucca schidigera extract, calcium iodate, rosemary extract, yeast culture (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), dried Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried Enterococcus faecium fermentation product, dried Aspergillus niger fermentation extract, dried Trichoderma longibrachiatum fermentation extract, dried Bacillus subtilis fermentation extract

Fiber (estimated dry matter content) = 4.4%

Red items indicate controversial ingredients

Estimated Nutrient Content
Guaranteed Analysis26%16%NA
Dry Matter Basis29%18%45%
Calorie Weighted Basis25%37%39%
Protein = 25% | Fat = 37% | Carbs = 39%

The first ingredient in this dog food is chicken. Although it is a quality item, raw chicken contains up to 73% water. After cooking, most of that moisture is lost, reducing the meat content to just a fraction of its original weight.

After processing, this item would probably account for a smaller part of the total content of the finished product.

The second ingredient is chicken meal. Chicken meal is considered a meat concentrate and contains nearly 300% more protein than fresh chicken.

The third ingredient is brown rice, a complex carbohydrate that (once cooked) can be fairly easy to digest. However, aside from its natural energy content, rice is of only modest nutritional value to a dog.

The fourth ingredient is barley. Barley is a starchy carbohydrate supplying fiber and other healthy nutrients. However, aside from its energy content, this cereal grain is of only modest nutritional value to a dog.

The fifth ingredient is chicken fat. Chicken fat is obtained from rendering chicken, a process similar to making soup in which the fat itself is skimmed from the surface of the liquid.

Chicken fat is high in linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid essential for life. Although it doesn’t sound very appetizing, chicken fat is actually a quality ingredient.

The sixth ingredient is white rice, a less nutritious form of rice in which the grain’s healthier outer layer has been removed.

The seventh ingredient is oatmeal, a whole-grain product made from coarsely ground oats. Oatmeal is naturally rich in B-vitamins, dietary fiber and can be (depending upon its level of purity) gluten-free.

The eighth ingredient is fish meal, another protein-rich meat concentrate.

Fish meal is typically obtained from the “clean, dried, ground tissue of undecomposed whole fish and fish cuttings” of commercial fish operations.1

Unfortunately, this particular item is anonymous. Because various fish contain different types of fats, we would have preferred to have known the source species.

The ninth ingredient is beet pulp. Beet pulp is a controversial ingredient, a high fiber by-product of sugar beet processing.

Some denounce beet pulp as an inexpensive filler while others cite its outstanding intestinal health and blood sugar benefits.

We only call your attention here to the controversy and believe the inclusion of beet pulp in reasonable amounts in most dog foods is entirely acceptable.

From here, the list goes on to include a number of other items.

But to be realistic, ingredients located this far down the list (other than nutritional supplements) are not likely to affect the overall rating of this product.

With five notable exceptions

First, flaxseed is one of the best plant sources of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Provided they’ve first been ground into a meal, flax seeds are also rich in soluble fiber.

However, flaxseed contains about 19% protein, a factor that must be considered when judging the actual meat content of this dog food.

Next, brewers yeast can be a controversial item. Although it’s a by-product of the beer making process, this ingredient is rich in minerals and other healthy nutrients.

Fans believe yeast repels fleas and supports the immune system.

Critics argue yeast ingredients can be linked to allergies. This may be true, but (like all allergies) only if your particular dog is allergic to the yeast itself.

In addition, a vocal minority insists yeast can increase the risk of developing the life-threatening condition known as bloat. However, this is a claim we’ve not been able to scientifically verify.

In any case, unless your dog is specifically allergic to it, yeast can still be considered a nutritious additive.

What’s more noteworthy here is that brewers yeast contains about 48% protein, a factor that must be considered when judging the actual meat content of this dog food.

In addition, this food contains chelated minerals, minerals that have been chemically attached to protein. This makes them easier to absorb. Chelated minerals are usually found in better dog foods.

Next, we note the inclusion of dried fermentation products in this recipe. Fermentation products are typically added to provide enzymes to aid the animal with digestion.

And lastly, this recipe includes selenium yeast. Unlike the more common inorganic form of selenium (sodium selenite), this natural yeast supplement is considered a safer anti-cancer alternative.

NutriSource Dog Food
The Bottom Line

Judging by its ingredients alone, NutriSource Dog Food looks like an above-average dry product.

But ingredient quality by itself cannot tell the whole story. We still need to estimate the product’s meat content before determining a final rating.

The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 29%, a fat level of 18% and estimated carbohydrates of about 45%.

As a group, the brand features an average protein content of 29% and a mean fat level of 17%. Together, these figures suggest a carbohydrate content of 46% for the overall product line.

And a fat-to-protein ratio of about 57%.

Near-average protein. Near-average fat. And below-average carbs when compared to a typical dry dog food.

Even when you consider the protein-boosting effect of the brewers yeast and flaxseed in this recipe, and the pea protein contained in another other recipe, this looks like the profile of a kibble containing a moderate amount of meat.

Bottom line?

NutriSource is a plant-based dry dog food using a moderate amount of named meats as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 4 stars.

Highly recommended.

Please note certain recipes are sometimes given a higher or lower rating based upon our estimate of their total meat content and (when appropriate) their fat-to-protein ratios.

Those looking for a quality wet food from the same company may want to check out our review of NutriSoure Canned Dog Food.

NutriSource Dog Food
Recall History

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Notes and Updates

09/25/2017 Last Update

  1. Association of American Feed Control Officials
  • Jessica Leanna Taft

    THERE IS A NEW LARGE BREED PUPPY GRAIN FREE .. they just sent me a sample of both regular and the new grain free… havent yet tried them on my pups but this is great they have this option!!

  • sandy

    4 stars

  • Lora DeGraffenreid

    How many stars does the large breed puppy receive?

  • Rhea

    Do you know chewy I
    Has been bought out y PetSmart..they will discontinue supplying it to chewy soon

  • Irma Hernandez

    I’ve been purchasing this brand in the salmon flavor because my pit has a zinc deficiency and this brand and flavor cleared up the issues she had in approximately three weeks. We got amazing results!!!
    Never had a problem with bugs in bag or anything else.

    I have the dry and canned version on autoship with Chewy.

  • Susan

    Hi I’d change to another brand sounds like it’s not agreeing with your dog, it might be higher in fiber & higher in salt… look for a limited ingredient kibble that’s 4%-fiber, around 25%-protein & around 15% fat… there’s “Candiae” Pure Wild & “Taste Of The Wild” Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb or Pacific Stream Smoked Salman, “Holistic Select” Adult/Puppy Salmon Anchovy & Sardines grain free.. My IBD dog does really well on all these formulas then once you’ve tried one formula & your dog does well on it then try a different brand formula with a different protein & then start rotating between a few different brands & proteins this will strengthen Immune System in stomach & bowel….

  • Crazy4cats

    I understand completely. It’s really scary and totally stinks.

  • InkedMarie

    Thanks. We’e btdt too but at our age, assumed we were through!

  • Amateria

    Don’t think of it as strange but rather a new perspective, I’m currently changing my fashion one, I may have a severe nerve problem but I’ll be damned if it takes away my ability to look nice!

    I’m going with a new mermaid/fairy look with matching hair and hopefully bracelets and necklaces and hair pieces in the future, the clothing is the easiest part, same with hair actually.

  • Crazy4cats

    Sorry to hear that. Been there done that a couple of times, but we always seem to work it out. If feeding your dogs kibble is the worse thing that comes out of it, I think you guys will be just fine. I wish you well.

  • InkedMarie

    Thanks, somehow I missed that. I found two Victor (GF Ultra Pro & Nutra Pro), a few Dr Tim’s (Pursuit, Kinesis, Momentum and two that won’t work for Ginger: Glacier and Fusion) and Earthborn Primitie Natural.

    Will add Fromm Gold to the list.

    Am having a hard time. Been a few years since I fed much for kibble and I swear most of the grainfrees hae become pea heavy. May go with a grain inclusive which is strange for me!

  • InkedMarie

    It will be, one way or the other. My husband is losing his job the end of june. Money may dictate Ginger & O’Malley going on kibble 🙁

  • Crazy4cats

    Ought oh! What is going on? Hope everything is ok.

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7
  • InkedMarie

    We may have to put two of mine on kibble; I’m looking for foods 3.5% fiber and less!

  • Amateria

    To be honest I have never in my life seen a food with that much fibre, it was crazy!

  • InkedMarie

    Holy moly, 14% fiber?? My female would have to live outside because she’d be be pooping constantly!

  • Amateria

    From a quick searching of it, I found it has 14% fibre meaning it makes your dog feel full using fibre instead of meat proteins, lots of dogs do badly on high fibre diets and feeding lesser of a good quality food with about 6% fibre is going to have a much better outcome.

    Not my writing but very good info on the reason why it’s a bad idea:

    The idea behind adding extra fiber to pet food is it makes companion animals feel full. Not only is this a fallacy, as I’ll discuss shortly, but your dog’s or cat’s biological requirement for fiber is small. This means your pet’s body isn’t designed by nature to efficiently process all those carbohydrates.

    Too much fiber can block absorption of necessary nutrients into the small intestine. Excess fiber can create a barrier which prevents antioxidants, vitamins and trace minerals from being absorbed into your pet’s GI tract.

    While fiber may make your dog or cat feel temporarily full, if it’s displacing protein in the diet, your pet will remain under nourished at the all-important cellular level. A chronic deficiency of nutrients delivered to the cells of your pet’s body can result in feelings of constant hunger. This is a sign your carnivorous dog or cat isn’t getting sufficient protein to adequately sustain his biology.

    Overweight pets fed high fiber diets marketed as ‘low fat’ or ‘weight loss’ often end up gaining rather than losing weight. They are constantly hungry due to a deficiency of protein, and their misinformed owners try to help by feeding larger and larger amounts of high fiber foods. It’s a vicious cycle in which a dog or cat is overfed and overweight, but under nourished.

    If your pet is overweight, do the following:

    Implement portion control. Remember that regardless of her weight, your pet still needs a diet high in protein. Feed your dog or cat a high protein, low carb diet and moderate the portions to control the amount of calories she consumes each day. Free feeding is not the way to have a slim, trim pet.

    Exercise your pet. An overweight body slims down by moving more and eating less. So along with calorie restriction through portion control, you’ll want to create a good exercise program for your dog or cat. Daily aerobic activity is one of the best ways to build muscle tone, and muscle tone decreases the amount of fat your pet carries around. Muscle mass also increases metabolism, which helps burn calories.

    Minimize treats. Occasional treats are fine, but make them protein-based and feed very small amounts. Make sure to include the calories in treats as part of your portion control plan.

  • Deborah Smith

    Can someone explain why the weight management only gets 3.5 stars? Thanks

  • Susan

    Find another kibble, return bag & get money back.. Have a look at Canidae, Taste Of The Wild or Zignature….

  • Mel

    Purchased my second bag of this food and found webbing throughout bag. Called NutriSource and they blamed the store for not rotating stock, however, the bag was several months within the last sale date. Also said there was probably a hole in the bag where bugs got in. I found no hole. The bag was solid and sealed. Don’t like the blame game. My thoughts are that the bugs came from the processing before the food was bagged. Check your food.

  • Deborah Smith

    Thank you. I’m having a really hard time finding a big enough bag, good ingredients, small enough kibble at a decent price. I’m all over asking about kibble size I hope everyone will forgive me.

  • Karla

    We are currently pet sitting a long haired chihuahua (owner is going through cancer treatments), we’ve had him since November. The beginning of December he had to have 7 teeth extracted. He already had 5 extractions the year before. He handles this food perfectly. Just had him at the vet last week and vet said he’s doing amazing.

  • Susan

    Hi Deborah, you should rotate between a few different brands & different proteins & give your dog variety, so if 1 brand of kibble is lacking omega 3 or vitamins/minerals etc your dog isn’t on that kibble long enough to suffer any health problems plus your little dog will love trying different kibbles….Have a look at “Wellness” Toy Breed & Small Breed & “Canidae” Small Breed…all Canidae Life Stages & Pure formulas have very small easy to digest kibbles.

  • sandy

    The Small/Med Breed Puppy recipe (which is chicken and rice) has tiny kibble. It is for all life stages (not just for puppies).

  • Deborah Smith

    Can anyone tell me if the size of the kibble would be ok for Chihuahuas? Oh in the chicken and rice. Does anyone have an opinion on so many foods having alfalfa in them now.

  • Melody Perkins Weast

    ANd,I use caps cause I’m visually impaired..I just get
    tired of explaining g and people assuming I’m yelling.

  • Jade Atwood

    I switched my dogs (German shepherd/Australian Kelpie mixes) to NutriSource Chicken and Peas Grain Free back in March. Best decision of my life. One of my girls was eating Science Diet Adult dry before switching and the other was eating Nature’s Recipe Adult Grain Free Chicken and Pumpkin (I believe) due to her having a sensitive stomach and grain allergy. I wanted to switch them both to the same food but Natures Recipe didn’t have a large enough bag that’d last me a good period of time for $54 a bag for two 60lb dogs and not buy dog every other week. I wanted to go to a higher quality food. I was very apprehensive at first because of the one with allergies, it took me 4 years to find a food that didn’t cause her to be gassy, vomit, have diarrhea, upset stomachs, inappetence or keep her from gaining weight. Natures Recipe finally got her to gain the weight she’s been needing and I took the risk of switching both dogs to the grain free NutriSource and I will never feed them anything else. My girls love it and it has done wonders for their coats like making them shinier and fuller, their teeth are also in great condition. The kibble size is perfect, especially for one of my dogs who has a hard time with larger kibble. She went from eating 1 cup of food in fifteen minutes to eating the same amount in about two minutes. The transition went by fast, it got to day four and they would eat around their old food. We didn’t experience any upset stomachs or diarrhea during the transition which is a huge plus. Their feces look a lot healthier and even, surprisingly, they don’t need to poop every few hours, twice a day is all they do. The one has maintained her weight she’d put on which is what matters most to me!

    I’m looking forward to the Woodlands recipe coming out and giving that a go. I tried the Prairie Select and it was rough on them both.

    I was considering switching them to Acana but the price was too high for my income. I wasn’t willing to spend close to $70 for a 29lb bag of dog food every month. So one of the women at the local pet store told me about NutriSource so here we are! I spend the same amount for the NS 30lb bag that I did for a 24lb bag of Nature’s Recipe and 6lbs makes a huge difference when you’ve got more than one large dog to feed.The pet store also has something set up called a food card so they keep track of each bag of food I buy and when I get my 12th bag the 13th one is free! Super awesome deal. That’s one free bag a year for me.

  • Susan

    Marisol probably didn’t realise the caps were on gotten half way writing her post & noticed then thought bugger it & kept writing…. should of answered her question, Marisol Vasquez, YES change your dogs kibble, your dog doesn’t like it, Get another brand kibble maybe a grain free kibble this time & rotate between a couple different brands of kibble so your dog doesn’t get sick of eating the same food day in & day out 24/7…

  • Thatcoolguy

    You don’t have to shout. We can hear you just fine.

  • marisol vasquez


  • Jennifer Brennan

    Our puppy has been on this food since the day we got her. A venture to another brand had us running to the vet with an allergic reaction. Shes back on nutrsource with no issues. Lesson learned.

  • Susan

    Hi, I feed Nutro Natural Choice Sensitive Skin, Fish & Rice but the Australian Nutro has different ingredients to the American Nutro limited ingredient kibbles, I think feeding 1 cooked meal instead of kibble has helped as well. 🙂

  • Pitlove

    Hi Susan- What fish based kibble do you feed Patch now?

  • Susan

    I have found Barley makes my boy itch & get red paws….I like just Fish & Rice with no other ingredients & we have no problems now….I also feed a cooked diet for dinner, so I’m feeding less kibble….

  • theBCnut

    Your dog is probably sensitive to one of the ingredients in this food. I have 2 that can eat it just fine, but one that does really bad on it due to his food sensitivities.

  • Tom

    Did you find that they started scratching and licking a lot after switching to this food. One of my dogs has started to do this too – around the time I switched dog foods. Just curious if you had the same experience.

  • Natasha Myers

    I think I’m going to go with a grain free chicken free food.

  • theBCnut

    I fed NutriSource with good results for a long time too, but I have a dog with food sensitivities that can’t handle it. Chicken and grains are both very commonly problematic, so is tomato. You may need to go to a limited ingredient diet to work out what your dog is reacting to. If that doesn’t help, then talk to your vet about doing an elimination diet.

  • Lovesunshined

    I have an intact female and aside from having to watch her intake as she tends to pig out once in awhile, I have not noticed the changes that you and your other reply mentioned. I will however be on the lookout, just in case. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Natasha Myers

    I’ve been feeding nutrisource adult chicken and rice for about a year. They were doing really great on it until recently they are having a lot of allergies. I’m not sure if I should switch to the grain free varieties or switch foods all together. Thinking about Fromm Gold dog food if I switch.

  • Pitlove

    They play in the yard. We live on my boyfriends parents property. However now he has a friend up in the apartment! Sad but our new boy has more space up here with us. His parents kept him with the 2 other large dogs in a tiny back room.

  • el doctor

    Hi Pitlove

    “we are maxed out with 2 dogs and a cat in our small apartment”

    At least your small apartment has a fenced in yard, though it must get pretty cramped when he plays with those 3 other dogs at home 😉

  • Pitlove

    haha we are saving the zoo for when we get a house. we are maxed out with 2 dogs and a cat in our small apartment now!

  • Pitlove

    Thank you! That was one of the many reasons I chose NutriSource. He’s been eating a poor quality food for many years so I can imagine his stomach is in bad shape

  • Crazy4cats

    I’m glad it has found a good home! Sounds like you are working up to a zoo like many others on this site!

  • theBCnut

    NutriSource is one of the foods I like to recommend for it’s ease in transitioning. I hope your experience with it is as good as mine was.

  • Pitlove

    yes! we took my boyfriends parents Lab that they didn’t want anymore

  • Crazy4cats

    You got a new dog?

  • Pitlove

    Thank you for posting your experience with NutriSource.We just got a Chocolate Lab and I’m switching him from Purina ONE to NutriSource

  • Lovesunshined

    My dogs love Nutrisource. Have been feeding it for over a year.They are local to my area and I do like supporting smaller companies. They have come out with a new line of grain free flavors and regular flavors. So far the Prairie Select is a huge hit with my gang. It contains quail and duck and also all the probiotics needed to stabilize their stomachs. Most are in the price range of $40-50 for a sizable bag of about 30-33#. Will continue to try the new flavors and we also do the canned as well as a “treat” supplement. One of the best things about Nutrisource is they have free samples and as I have one very picky old man husky, this comes in handy. If he likes it, I will buy it. Reading some of the other comments below, I have never had a problem with the dry kibble containing insects or otherwise. I did get one of the cans that contained mold at the bottom. I returned it immediately, was refunded money, and given an extra can for free for the inconvenience and less than stellar quality of that original can. The local pet store (not petsmart/petco, etc) went through and checked all their stock with that particular code and sent it back. I haven’t had a problem since. My dogs are healthier and look better and the old man has packed on some much needed weight due to his Lyme’s disease flaring up once in awhile.

  • Natasha Myers

    That’s what I switched from about a year ago. Still on nutrisource.

  • Natasha Myers

    I have been feeding this food for about 1 year and never had any problems and I keep a very close eye on my dogs health. My dogs love it, have shiny coat, I don’t have to feed as much, less waste, and it got my picky guy to gobble his food up. I’ve never had bugs in the food or anything like that.

  • LadyBug

    I don’t doubt that one bit. I’ve hardly been able to find decent treats. As another poster pointed out, the single ingredient ones like lamb lung, freeze dried liver etc are about it for me. I bought a food dehydrator and found out that if you boil chicken tenders or you can use thinly sliced raw or cooked liver, veggies, etc. and dry them in there they make great snacks for them. (Store in freezer). Anyway, I mostly just wanted to say ‘good job!’ on your part, being persistent and figuring out what it was! P.S. For some reason,my account gets confused and sometimes I’m LadyBug, sometimes Dragonfly on here- same person, but somehow I got two insects going LOL

  • aquariangt

    i’d just use some single protein meat treats with no other ingredients for something you know they’re ok with and go from there. A few brands I like: Sojos, Weruva, Boulder Dog Food, The Honest Kitchen, Primal

  • Crazy4dogs

    Bobby Dog gave you some good options. My dogs love THK Beams, but they’re more like a chew than a treat. You could go “old school” and make them yourself. I actually bought a dehydrator and make sweet potato chews for my dogs. You can dehydrate anything including meat. It costs much less and you know exactly what your dog is getting. 🙂

    Edit: I also use pieces of apples, cantalope, watermelon (in the summer)

  • 14Sunshine

    Thank you very much, I will see about getting better treats for them (1 kind at a time) see how we do.

  • Bobby dog
  • 14Sunshine

    Thanks, I think it may not be the actual food, I did change their treats, I bet anything it could be the treats. Almost gone, will eliminate them from their diet. Anyone know of a decent treat?

  • Dragonfly


    If your dogs have a food allergy, pinning it down can take a lot of time. Allergies can develop to a lot of things, some dogs are even allergic to chicken or beef although that is not real common.
    My suggestion is to boil up some chicken breast with no seasoning. Feed them that for a few days. If the itching stops then you know that chicken is okay. Then add some cooked rice, see if they itch or not. Then add some egg, etc. See where I am going with it? One food at a time till you know just what it is.

    The dog foods are so full of so many things nowadays that there may be several allergens bothering your dogs.So first do the detective work and find out what food, or foods are in there that are the cause.
    Not all dogs are allergic to grains and some dogs are only allergic to corn or wheat not rice or what have you. My own dogs do fine on rice but will often throw up the grain free potato based foods. And yet- go figure they can eat a homebaked potato just fine.
    In general, the fewer ingredients the better for a sensitive dogs, so look for a food that has ‘limited ingredients’ and avoid complicated recipes that have everything but the kitchen sink. I can tell you off the bat that a lot of the botanicals such as rosemary oil, Yucca, marigold, etc can be very irritating to dogs. I even saw one with lavender oil in it! No wonder so many dogs itch.Finding simple foods is difficult but worth the effort.

    As for the dogs refusing to eat some foods, they may know something you dont. Maybe those foods make them feel icky and they know it so pay attention if they consistently turn down the same thing.

    You may need to consult with a good vet at some point, but I am always inclined to want to find the root cause with allergy and save meds as a last resort.

    Hope this helps, Good Luck!

  • Crazy4dogs

    Since rice is a grain, and her dogs don’t like the grained food, maybe they don’t taste that good. My dogs do have grain intolerance.

  • Crazy4dogs

    Haha! Too funny! 🙂

  • Thatcoolguy

    Ahhh the good ol’ placebo effect. Even extends to dog owners. Placebo by proxy maybe?

  • DogFoodie

    Lamb and rice isn’t grain free. Rice is a grain.

  • 14Sunshine

    They keep scratching & licking themselves a lot.

  • Thatcoolguy

    Because grains taste good? Why are you buying grain free? Has your dog been diagnosed with an intolerance to grains?

  • 14Sunshine

    I thought I had picked up a grain free bag, actually bought the Adult Chicken & Rice. On way home Friday I stopped to get another bag, that’s when I realized it wasn’t grain free. So I picked up Lamb & Rice grain free, opened it yesterday. Why is it, my dogs refuse to eat when I buy grain free? (Well one won’t touch it at all) They loved the other bag no problem.

  • Thatcoolguy

    I’ve had good luck with the Nutrisource. One of my dogs drank more water for about a week or less and then actually started drinking less water than he had before when on Kirkland Signature (Diamond). He’s stayed at that level of water drinking since. They’ve really liked it. Stools have been great. Seem to have a lot of energy and coats are nice. Recommended so far. We are on our fourth or fifth bag now.

  • Pam Davidson

    I’ve been trying to find a food that both dogs like. Wellness was so so, needed some food at last minute, picked up Rachel Rays, they hated it, especially Toby who would go a few days without really eating. Now trying NutriSource, about 3/4 thru small bag. They have been drinking more water but I figure its from being hot. But they have been scratching lately. Any thoughts?

  • DogFoodie

    Did you speak with your wholesaler about the problem and ask how the product had been stored?

  • LadyBug

    I think there may be some confusion here.

    Just to clear things up:

    NutriSource is a brand name owned by a private company, actually KLN/Tuffy Dog Foods and is NOT made by Diamond. They are in Minnesota and manufacture everything themselves, in fact they just built a new plant you can look this up on the NutriSource/Tuffy’s website. So far as I know, they have never contracted with Diamond.

    Diamond may very well make a Chicken and Rice with a similar name since they either own or make a good share of the brands that are sold in USA.

    I totally agree that Diamond has a very poor track record with sanitation and you feed at your own risk…but the actual NutriSource brand being discussed on this thread is not made by Diamond.

  • Pitlove

    I agree that Diamond has issues, I’m just curious as to how you are so certain Diamond Naturals killed your dog? Was the food tested?

  • Shea

    Im glad I don’t feed any foods made by Diamond anymore. I have finally got her on a great food, Fromm Four Star Nutritionals. She has had no problems with stomach issues since being on this food. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  • Boston’s

    Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice killed one of our Boston Stud Dogs earlier this year. I will not touch any foods made by Diamond Pet Food. Sand Creek Boston’s Cocolalla, Idaho

  • squelchieblue .

    My dogs have been eating this for about 6 months. They seem to like it. Their coats are so fluffy and soft. This dog food actually smells good. So far so good

  • guitarist5122

    sounds like a bad shipment. been getting this brand for a little while now and never an issue. it’s helped my underweight dog gain healthy weight and my sensitive god can keep it down no problem

  • love_ourdog2018

    After thought, we also like Pedigree, both Nutrisource and Pedigree agree with our dog’s diet and seem to meet his current health needs. I appreciate also the pet advisor updates and the personal stories people have on here. It was not easy getting to where we did with his food choice, I went through several very explensive foods that supposedly were supposed to be good for him, a few were on a big recall (very big names & prices to match) and a one or two regular commercial brands you find in your grocer. We are very happy with both foods. Price is not a factor, he is too important to us for that, but we also like the price of both.

  • love_ourdog2018

    We are very happy with Nutrisource dog food, our dog who has a sensitive stomach eats it and another one also, mixed or separately and it has always been very healthy. We have purchased Nutrisource both with grain and grain-free. It is always great kibble and never greasy and never anything odd and it always smells great too. The blend works for his particular unique body and keep him healthy vibrant and active. A good pet parent is informed and does her own research based and reliable studies and matching their own dog’s needs, not based on opinions of others. There are a lot of other good dog foods too, no one particular is best, dogs have unique needs.

    I have bought large and small bags. Someone in our local neighborhood told us about Nutrisource, when I shared I was pulled in different directions with all the recalls. I like dog food advisor because it helped me to evaluate Nutrisource and Pedigree. We have the vet records and physical evidence that verify his diet is working and he loves his food. It is not about money, I am quite comfortable and our dog lives very well. I only wanted other pet parents who might be researching like I did, to know we are happy with it and have never had any issues whatsoever with if (or the other). When I buy dog food I also keep it stored after opening it in a tight dry storage container. I also read vet written handbooks for dog parents, and pet parent magazines, supported by science and not opinion. I also have no/ 0 financial gain or afiliation with any pet food period, just a pet parent.

    It is very important again, with all the unusally high recall history from the past few years to be aware, do one’s homework and also to be honestly informed about a food source, we love it and have never found anything odd or wrong with it and pet parents looking for a good and reliable pet food.

  • loveourbaby2018

    I like NutriSource and our baby dog does well on it. I understand that there are fake copy cat bags and maybe not the real mc coy dog food out there possibly from other countrys, but I have bought small and large bags, grain-free and w/ grain lamb and chicken and never seen anything odd. To be honest, even in lower grade commercial foods I have never found bugs in the bag(s).
    When our mixed breed was new and a puppy, we bought a very expensive highly acclaimed dog food that made him sick and his tummy ached. I threw it away and bought something else, inspite of the 60.00 dollars the food cost. His pee looks great and he poos great too. I also do my homework, read vet written dog owner handbooks and read vet written pet mags., with all the recalls and the scary stigma attached to some of the foods in the past, it pays to check into food before feeding it to your very important family member, baby dog.
    With all the dog food recalls, as pet owners and pet parents, I think it helps to know of the reliable dog foods that meet our personal dog’s needs. Every dog is different and has unique needs or requirements.
    In short, I like NutriSource and very glad someone was kind enough to share how well their dog did on it.

  • loveourbaby

    PS: While there are typos in my post, my main point is NutriSource seems good for our baby dog. High quality is very important but high cost does not always mean high quality. Every dog is different and unique and has their own personal needs.
    I have never found anything(like bugs ect) but dry healthy looking kibble in every bag. I do know that sometimes over seas there are cheap fake knock offs sold as the real mccoy of anything from toothpaste to dog food.
    My baby does great on this food and I do my home work. I also read vet written mags and books an dog health, so I do as much as I can to keep him happy and healthy. i have tried several of the very expensive dog foods and they seemed to bother his tummy. Every dog is different and each has special needs, but we like nutrisource very much. It was such a relief to finally find a food that didn’t pop up on a recall list or appear to cause kidney damage and scary tales attached to it.

  • loveourbaby

    I like NutriSource, feed it to my mixed breed dog who is 2 yrs old. Someone recommended it to me and I like it better than any of the very expenisive 5 star ones I tried when we first adopted him. When he was a puppy my d.h. bought him a very expensive large bag that was supposedly great, gave him very loose stools so I looked it up, found it was one of the names being recalled at the time. Not recalled now, but I threw the bag away and chose to never buy that highly acclaimed one even though they have no recalls now or later. Never will I go by higher price, higher quality. It was even one of the ones I have seen at a vets office for sale.
    Regarding bugs in the bags? Nope, never have I seen anything like that in NutriSource and I switch to grain-free and regular. I have bought small and large bags. His pee looks great and he poos regularly. Love the food, and I am very careful with him, we treat him like a child. I have heard of bugs in bags, but never have seen any even in cheap lower foods. I think it must be how the bags were stored or maybe not even the real mccoy, a mock copy cat bag from over seas? Who knows, but I like ike it. One of the very most expensive and highly acclaimed dog foods I bought before, and in the kibble I found little tiny bigs of sharp white stuff. We love nutrisource, we do mix it up with another mid grade food, but he is doing very well. He has done well on newsmans own too, but he prefers nutrisource.

  • Ariana

    It’s not your dog food store, it is the brand.

  • Ariana

  • Ariana


  • Ariana

    ArianaWork at a pet store and just got a shipment of nutisource, every bag contained flying bugs, larve, cob webs, and gross looking ectoskeletons. Please do not purchase this brand and have all their product recalled. These are our companions lives at stake because of their incompetence

  • Thatcoolguy

    Probably a problem with Menards or the shipping process more than Nutrisource. I might try another bag elsewhere or just another bag at Menards. You could even talk to an employee and open it in the store to check before buying it.

  • Tanya

    Just bought a bag at menards n had webs n flying bugs in the bag. Returned it

  • Rena Stephens

    Iv had the same problem w my older dog and the puppy in feeding is always wanting more and more water I have to hold water back from her cause she will drink non stop iv never seen this in any other food iv fed in 30 yrs of having and working w dogs, I’m really going to look into it.

  • theBCnut


    “Beet pulp as the fourth ingredient is concerning. It’s a common ingredient in pet food, used to add fibre and artificially harden stools (lots of people gauge the quality of a food based on the firmness of stools). Beet pulp sucks up a great deal of moisture, inflating in size, consequentially making stools hard to pass through the colon. Often these problems remain hidden until the dog transitions to a diet without beet pulp. As far back as the 1980s it was found that saponin (found in beet pulp) causes gastrointestinal disorders and bloat.”

    You do it all the time. Give credit where credit is due. Stop plagiarizing other people’s work. Everybody here knows you do it. Grammar patterns don’t lie.

  • Susan

    I didn’t quote someone else’s work, this what I have LEARNT about Beet Pulp now after having Patch on a kibble for over 1 year that had Beet Pulp in it….

  • theBCnut

    Please give sources when you quote someone else’s work, otherwise they call it plagiarism.

    And beet pulp has the sugar removed.

  • Susan

    Hi, Beet Pulp is used to add fiber & artificially harden stools (lots of people gauge the quality of a food based on the firmness of stools) Beet Pulp sucks up a great deal of moisture inflating in size consequentially making stools hard to pass thru the colon, Often these problems are hidden until the dog transitions to a diet without Beet Pulp, as far back as the 1980’s it was found that Saponin (found in Beet Pulp) causes gastrointestinal disorders, my vet has said, stay away from foods with Beet pulp my boy has IBD & skin problems he also has had the Helicobacter infection & the Helicobacter LOVES sugar, & foods that ferment in the stomach.. NutriSource has brown rice which is a good ingredient better then the barley white rice & oatmeal which is further down the ingredient list these ingredients can cause itchy skin problems with dogs that suffer from food intolerances, Food intolerances can start anywhere from 1 day of eating a food up to 6months, write down what your dog is eating when he starts to scratch, then look at the ingredients & see if you start to see the same ingredient in different kibbles that are making him itch, I feed a Hypoallergenic Gluten Dairy & Sugar free kibble Salmon & Sardines & have no more itchy dog & he’s drug free for his IBD..

  • Thatcoolguy

    Can you elaborate a little bit? One of my dogs has had some intermittent skin problems. He’s doing better on Kirkland Signature Adult Dog. I was just looking to mix it up a bit and use a slightly higher quality kibble and avoid Diamond which has had some bad recalls in the past. What’s the matter with beet pulp?

  • Susan

    Why the super performance gets the 5 stars is the protein is 30% BUT the fat is 20%min so add another 1-2% on the fat% for max% I cant see no reason why you can’t try the performance & rotate their feed give the super performance for breakfast & do a lower fat/protein for dinner….Nutrisource has beet pulp your better off looking for another kibble without the beet pulp (sugar) you mustn’t have dogs with skin problems..

  • Thatcoolguy

    I have two dogs who are moderately active. They get at least 30-45 minutes of a good walk and/or run a day. However, they are not “working dogs” by any means. I see that the Performance and Super Performance foods have 5 stars, which would likely make them the cheapest 5 star foods available, really.

    Is there any reason you can’t feed your dog the Performance food and just feed them a bit less than you would otherwise? I would monitor their weight closely and make sure they don’t gain weight. If they start gaining, you could just cut it back a bit. Has anyone tried this?

  • GSDsForever

    I like Nutrisource, feel some trust in the brand(s).

    I fed some Nutrisource Lamb Grain Free (dry food) as a budget option to get a very underweight dog’s weight up quickly, as it was the highest calorie in the pet store in a quality brand. She like the food & had good stools. And it worked.

    I switched her to a different brand because I just wasn’t seeing enough improvement in her coat (she came to me in less than ideal condition), even with added wild salmon oil (lots) and some yogurt.

  • Douglas Carlson

    I am no expert by any means. I got my lab as an 8 wk old pup and he was being fed NutriSource. I did some research enough to learn it was quality food, so I have kept him on it his whole life. I do switch up flavors for him. He has been in excellent health his whole life (now 6 years). His weight has gone up a bit high in the past, but that’s more from treats and less exercise in the wintertime, and each time we were able to lower it by cutting back on treats and upping the exercise. I firmly believe in feeding a good quality food will lead to happy, healthy animals, and that has been the case with Nutrisource. I will keep him on it for the rest of his life.

  • Shea

    Thanks! I will certainly keep an eye on how much water she is drinking. Seems like she was doing that while I was mixing her new food with her old one. She seems to not drink as much as before.

  • Bobby dog

    I really like Nutrisource products and my dog and cats do well on them. Sounds like she transitioned well. I suggest you still keep an eye on her water consumption. Drinking excessive water can be a sign of a health issue.

  • Shea

    Since she has fully transitioned now, she has slowed down her drinking so much water. After a week and a half being on this food, she truly loves it and goes crazy for it everytime its time for her meal. She has not ever liked a food so much! So happy with it!

  • Shea

    I just switched my small terrier to Nutrisource Chicken and Rice from Diamond Naturals. I am transitioning slowly with her old food but I noticed that she is drinking alot more water than usual. This doesn’t happen when I have transitioned to a new food before. She
    really seems to like this new food and was wondering if anyone else had issues with their dog drinking an unusual amount of water with this food.

  • Cissus Experts

    Giving your dog 5 lbs of food a day will surely get you vet bills.

  • Lexie CaringPaws

    I have been trying to find a good dog food for my picky girl. I tried Blue Wilderness and was not too happy with her energy level on it. Taste of the wildness, she did not like to eat. A friend of mine gave me some Nutrisource and my dog went nuts for it so I bought a bag and am very happy with it. She absolutely loves it, I can even use the food as a treat!

  • MargoIzzy

    No good experience. Ended up withvet bills. Was shocked at the low protein flexuation. This must be a newer brand. $61 bag ended up costing me $300+ in vet bills.
    My dog lost weight on 6 cups a day (30 lb bag in 6 days)

  • TannersUnderbite

    Tip for anyone who lives in the Janesville/Madison Wisconsin area and feeds either the Chicken and Rice or the Lamb and Rice:

    Nutrisource has a partnership with Mounds Petfood Warehouse, and makes the Dog Power C&R and L&R formulas. Its the exact same product, just put in a different package and sold for a bit cheaper!

  • Bobby dog

    That was my thought when I bought it. Everything I have fed recently had either some variety of potato, peas, legumes, or lentils.

  • Crazy4cats

    Hey Bobby dog-
    Good to know. I received a $10 off coupon for a bag of Nutrisource dry food. I was thinking I might try some good old fashioned chicken and rice next! Thank you for the review.

  • Bobby dog

    My dog just finished a bag of Nutrisource Adult Chicken and Rice. He loved eating it and did very well on it. I did not have to feed the recommended amount per day, a little less. The kibble size is just right, not too small and not too large. I feed a rotational diet so I am moving to a new brand and changing the protein and carb source, but I do have a bag of the Nutrisource GF Lamb to try within the next few months.

    Nutrisource also has a nice website to help with choosing a food as well. On the site you can find how many cups are in most bags; it is not broken down for each bag. However, I have fed a few samples of both their GF and grain inclusive kibbles and the kibble size has been the same for each. Knowing how many cups are in a bag (finding the cost per day to feed) is a more accurate way to determine what a food will cost you to feed rather than going by what a food costs per pound. Bobby highly recommends this food!

  • theBCnut

    Either the Dr Stephen Langers or Soil Based Organisms is great.

  • Ashley

    Thank you for the advice, I will definitely give the probiotics a try. The 15 strain product I found was for humans, is that what you recommend? Or which pet probiotic is the one you were talking about? Supplements are very new to me; have considered them in the past, but didn’t know enough about them or have a true need.

  • theBCnut

    To do a natural cure for yeast, you have to put the dog on a low carb diet for up to 9 months. Carbs feed Candida albicans.

  • sue66

    Yes, my boy had that yeasty bread breath last yr, she needs a good probiotic, in the end the only thing that got rid of Patches yeasty bread breath & farting was Metronidazole a antibiotic for their tummies & bowel, he was on this for 2 weeks + his probiotic 3 hours after his tablet, its been 3months & no more yeast breath, I’d see a vet, Id say the problems have come from her old food.. my boy was vomiting up his Royal Canine kibble 7 hours later un digested, I changed his kibble to one that digests easier breaks up better if they dont chew, but he still had his bread breath cause I never fixed the problem from the old food, finally last december I ask the vet can I have some Metronidazole tablets & no more bread breath after having it for 6months it cleared up in 1 week of being on the Metronidazole, but get the probiotic Paddy sugested Swansons & try that for a while & see if it goes.the probiotic didnt fix Patches breath maybe caught it too late or wasnt giving enough of the probiotic.

  • theBCnut

    For dogs that have been on the same food for an extended period of time, a little extra support for transitioning is often needed. Feeding only one food supports a limited variety of probiotics in the gut and the dog’s body adjust the amount of digestive enzymes it produces to the food it was used to eating. Over time these things will correct themselves, but the dog will be uncomfortable in the meantime. You can help ease and shorten the time by adding a good source of probiotics and digestive enzymes. If you are interested, google swansons, they have 15 strain probiotics at the best price and they also have digestive enzymes at a good price too. In the mean time, I would add a drop or 2 of GasX or something like that to meals for a while.

  • Ashley

    My 6 yr old Cairn Terrior has been on Purina Pro Plan Small Breed (chicken based) her entire life. Wanting something of better quality and several weeks of a bile smell to her breath/beard but no sign of vomit, I finally decided to try something new. I recently transitioned her to NutriSource Adult Chicken & Rice. I now feed her small portions (1/4 c.) several times a day for ~2 weeks now. She LOVES the NutriSouce. Her transition period was quicker than I would have preferred – I tried mixing the food but by the 3rd feeding she was picking around her old food and only eating the NutriSource. She has never been one to eat at a certain time or in one sitting; there is never food in her dish anymore. She hasn’t had any issues with “bile” smelling breath/beard, her energy level is something I’ve never seen in her. However, overnight she got into the bathroom garbage.. something she has never done, and was eating the Kleenexes?! After AM feeding, she vomited her full sized kibbles 3 hrs post feeding. I’ve noticed she has been very gassy since switching foods, and her tummy feels very bloated after feedings, normal stools. The gas isn’t surprising – it hasn’t been long since switching and she is probably just getting used to the different/better nutrients; the bloating concerns me. She is 17lbs and I am feeding her 1 cup/day of NutriSource. Too little/too much? Could she have an allergy to this food? Should I try a different formula? I am at a loss. Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Kathryn

    I have fed my three dogs (Pomeranian (3 yrs), corgi mix (5yrs), husky (1.5 yrs)) Nutrisource Adult Chicken and Rice formula for quite some time. My husky is very picky and will hardly eat anything. After going through a laundry list of foods, I gave the Nutrisource and he would eat it just fine. By the end of the day, he would finish his bowl (on the other foods it would take 2 to 3 days for him to eat one servings worth). I never had any skin or bowel issues with feeding this food. I only recently switched because I finally found a grain free food that my husky would eat.

  • myfourmutts

    We normally feed the Chicken & Rice version of this food, and our dogs are obsessed. Unfortunately, due to massive snow in upstate NY and poor planning on my part, I had to buy another brand (4Health) to tide them over until their food is delivered. They wouldn’t even touch the other food. We rotate their food every couple of bags, but their favorite, by far, is the Nutrisource. I don’t know what it is about this food, but my dogs go bonkers for it!

  • Tykosmom

    We have always had GSDs…they typically have funky stomachs….over the years, I have found that any type of poultry gives them trouble. I feed them lamb based foods, and the current one they are on has probiotics and prebiotics in it. They have had no trouble at all. It is also a limited ingredient food. I figure the less the food has in it, the better it will be for them….if you can’t find a food with the pro and prebiotics, you can always give him a supplement in his food. The food my pups are on
    is very hard to find, I get it at a small mom and pop pet store locally. I can’t find it on any dog food web site, or even from the company’s web site, so I am currently looking into switching, which is why I’m not recommending it here…but try to stay away from poultry, and try to find a limited ingredient food…

  • Steph

    My dog has dry skin also. My vet told me to give him one a day, of my Omega 3 caps (opened) over the dog food. He loves it.

  • saltyandme

    Matt, I think NutriSource is a good food but since your Dane is only 10 weeks old, I think I’d make sure I was feeding the large breed puppy formula. I notice some people are saying their dogs have dry skin issues with NutriSource. I have not noticed anything like that with my Dane.

  • Matt Dominique

    We have a 10 week old dane and want to make sure that we are feeding her correctly. We currently are feeding her NutriSource Heartland Select Grain Free. Can you give me any information on if this is good or not?

  • saltyandme

    I have recently started feeding NutriSource Large Breed formula for my Great Dane. He loves it and the protien/fat content is good for a Great Dane, they should not have high levels of protien. I intend to continue to feed NutriSource.

  • retrieverman

    I run a retriever training facility, and have noticed prior to switching to NutriSource some of the dogs would have lose stools. Now on NutriSource (SuperPerformance) all the dogs keep firm stools. After more than a year of feeding this food I wouldn’t feed anything else. Also, lose stools could be due to a number of things including water or intestinal parasites. Also, switching to any food will produce loose stools for a couple weeks.

  • Betsy Greer

    HI Diesel power,

    What did you switch to from the NutriSource? Maybe if you like the food, you could still occasionally keep it in your pup’s rotation.

  • Diesel power

    My puppy liked the food but I feel it was missing key nutrients because he had dry skin issuers which were resolved with switching to a higher quality product

  • Cyndi

    I think I recall someone saying that Dr. Mike is working on a site for cat food.

  • Julie

    There’s ibdkitties dot net. On that site there’s a wet and dry food tab. However, people cannot comment. I’d love to see a catfoodadvisor site.

  • Crazy4cats

    I know the look. Also, the rubbing on my legs while meowing pitifully. It’s very heartbreaking, isn’t it? I was very persistent with my crunchy food addicted shelter kitty. About 6 months is what it took. I have two male cats that do not go outside. They are much more susceptible to urinary tract problems than females due to lack of moisture. The vet that maintains the site that I mentioned previously recommends feeding any quality of canned food over any quality of dry. I think most cats, unfortunately, prefer the cheaper stuff anyway. They dry that I supplement with is Wellness Core, Taste of the Wild or Earthborn Primitive

  • tonia

    Thanks I kind of figured same brand as dog would be a safe bet. I have read about wet food only and do rotate it in even tho my cat looks at me like I’m about to get fired. (:

  • Crazy4cats

    I have never found anything even close to this site for cat food. I’m hoping Dr. mike will incorporate one in the future. (Hint hint) But there is a site that I really like that does have a few charts of canned cat foods that list protein, fat, and carbs. The creator, Dr. Pierson does not recommend any dry food at all. Due to the importance of moisture in their diets and also the fact that cats are carnivores. She does mention Evo dry now and then, however. The website is catinfo dot org. It is very informative in my opinion. But, as Patty mentioned, companies that make good dog food typically make good cat food and visa versa. I use mostly canned, but also supplement with dry to make my four cats affordable.

  • Pattyvaughn

    No there isn’t, but the one thing you can pretty much count on, a company that makes c****y dog food will make c****y cat food to and a company that make great dog food will make great cat food too.

  • tonia

    Does anyone know is there a website like this for cat food??

  • corrie gaither

    I have tried a lot of dog food in the years and just recently found nutrisource from a sample at the feed store and my dogs loved it, so much so that after it was gone, they wouldn’t eat their old food anymore, like at all… so, the ingredients looked great, we got heartland select with bison, chicken and peas.. and my dogs love it… win win…
    highly recommended! !!!

  • Pattyvaughn

    I like that one too, though I have never used it.

  • InkedMarie

    I like Wellness Core reduced fat for chubby dogs. Good ingredients, they don’t reduce the protein.

  • Strey

    Here is also a list of low fat foods rated 4 stars or higher 🙂 You can feed one of those until they get to a healthy weight

  • tonia

    I have been feeding eagle pack weight maintenance but after noticing low stars on more than one brand I figured I should get away from it. I’d love to be able to get a higher quality but can’t budget that every time so I’m excited that variety is ok. As my lab gets older his stomach seems to be getting sensitive hopefully higher quality will help. I love this site it is very helpful, I’ve been lurking here for years. It’s so hard for pet parents with companies selling and lowering quality to keep on top of these things.. thanks for responding

  • Pattyvaughn

    A lot of weight management foods reduce protein when they reduce fat, so they get a lower rating. If your dog needs to lose weight, just reduce the amount fed and increase exercise, as you saw. Rotational feeding is best for a healthy gut. It supports a wider range of probiotics in the gut. This is a major component of the immune system. Try a number of different foods and see what works for your dogs. I like NutriSource because it is usually easy for dogs to transition to.

  • tonia

    Love some imput. I see this trend with weight management having less stars.. what’s the deal with that? Is it better to not use the weight management even if you have chubby dogs? I used to free feed but no longer do one of my dogs was eating herself to obesity. (Vet told me kal she needed and I got very vigilant and she lost 4 pds and issues weight was causing (: ) I also saw someone posting that changing up dog food is good is really good? I always thought that was a no no but it would be nice to slip in the higher quality every few bags. Btw about me 4 dogs on eagle pack. Thinking about Nurtisource that why I posted here

  • Storm’s Mom

    Nutrisource is a great food to transition to! It seems to be one that a lot of dog stomach’s do well on. You could start with the Lamb & Rice one as a stepping stone, and then move to the grain-free ones later. The only thing is that if your dog is going to grow to be a large size (55lbs or more), you should feed a food appropriate for a large breed puppy for another 8 months or so. Here’s a spreadsheet of foods that fulfill the unique nutritional requirements of a large breed puppy:

    Whatever you choose to do and whichever food you choose to switch to, just make sure it’s chicken-free, and I would definitely get some probiotics and digestive enzymes to mix in with the food as you transition to something new. Having canned pure pureed pumpkin (not the pie filling stuff) on hand wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. You really want to try to get to the point where your dog has a strong belly, so that you can feed all sorts of foods, and switch foods whenever you want to whatever you want without his stomach getting upset, and all of these things will really help with that! Just go really slow with the change to the new food because your dog isn’t used to changing foods.. start with 25% of the new food with 75% of the old food and only increase the % of new food if your dog’s poop is solid. You might even want to start with 10% new food.

    Hope this helps!!

  • Bransmom

    I’ve been feeding my 10 mo old german shepherd puppy Dynamite Dog food his whole life. He has recurring diarrhea and my vet thinks it is a food allergy. Dynamite is chicken based. Has prebiotics but it looks like NutriSource has more probiotics. I need help. Anyone? Grain? grainless? Lamb? too many to choose from and I hate experimenting with my poor “little” pups belly.

  • Jett

    Hi, My dog Jett had been eating cannd dog food, until a friend bought him NutriSource Lamb Meal Formula. Within 10days there was a big change in Jett he filled out,had more engery and so much more happier. The change in my dog is beyond befief . I was compelled to write you, This is GOOD DOG FOOD!!! Thank You Jett & Jay

  • InkedMarie

    Chewy dot com as well!

  • Pattyvaughn

    Wag is great isn’t it. You should also check out Petflow, Wag costs more on some things.

  • Kathy

    Pattyvaughn, go to “”. When you give them your zipcode, they’ll tell you exactly when your package will arrive. Free shipping, when you spend a minimum of $35. Free shipping with no minimum for first 90 days for new customers. Price for Nutrisource is better than I was paying at the nearest store who sells it, which is 18 miles away. My 30 lb. bag arrived yesterday, in a box, and even wrapped in bubble wrap inside. I got a discount, because it was my first order. Best of all, the order arrived less than 48 hours after I placed the order online, by FedEx!

  • Blue Wilderness has chicken meal in all it’s formulas. Haven’t checked their new line yet – Rocky Mountain formulas.

  • InkedMarie

    90 minutes? Yikes. Did you see the fb cartoon I shared, where the patient handed her doc a bill or her wait time?

  • InkedMarie

    I have a dog that can’t have chicken too. He eats turkey & fish foods. I’m just not a fan of NB. Too many foods, imo

  • Jessica Leanna Taft

    that is what my dog lady is… a GSD MIX W/DOBE 😉

  • Jessica Leanna Taft

    good 2 know

  • Pattyvaughn

    Those are pretty mild and shouldn’t interfere much with you being able to tell if the food really is helping her get better. But as soon as you think you can stop giving them to her, I would. And don’t be surprised if she goes back to itching for a couple days, they can have a kind of rebound effect.

  • Jessica Leanna Taft

    Chlorpheniramine Maleate anti-allergy advaced pharmaceuticl tablets, 4 mg

    is what she is on..

  • Jessica Leanna Taft

    olsens grain is about 30 min
    TSC is about 38min
    PETCO is about 48min

  • Pattyvaughn

    I know what you mean! I used to have a GDS that was a dry skin scratcher, and she would drive me bonkers at night. Once you find out one thing that works for you, it is kind of scary to try something else on your dog, because you are afraid that the scratching will start again. Whenever I try a new food for Micah, I always have on hand one that I know he can handle, and Ialways go back to one I know he can handle after a bag of something new. I’ve turned paranoid about his food.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I’d do anything to not be doing nothing while waiting on a doctor!!

  • Pattyvaughn

    That’s when I would start using benedryl. Micah has come to me with hives a couple times just recently after being outside, so now I have to keep something on hand just in case.

  • Betsy Greer

    ITA! Right now I’m wasting time. I’ve been waiting to see my doctor for over 90 minutes so far – so I figured what the heck.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I live in the boonies myself. I have had to learn to be comfortable with ordering food online. The closest place to me to get any food that my dog can have is 25 miles. The second is 45 miles, but it is at least somewhat close to a place that I have to go to about once a week.

  • Storm’s Mom

    Storm reacted instantaneously when I inadvertantly gave him some canned food that contained chicken (which he’s allergic to..I didn’t read the label closely enough). That was the 1st time he’d had chicken in at least a year. He was scratching like nobody’s business immediately and for about 10-15 minutes straight. I felt horrible 🙁 Didn’t feed it again, he didn’t scratch again 🙂

  • Pattyvaughn

    It’s just not worth my time to go looking for something like that, unless it is a piece of info that I also want for myself.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Potato really seems to be a common problem food.

  • Jessica Leanna Taft

    doc said that aswell… well not the same words jsut said ill have to start adding stuff

  • Betsy Greer

    Oh trust me, that’s what I was thinking, too. @@ I’m sure it’s on the bag like Patty suggested also.

    I included the link in the hope that he’d double check me and learn a little something while he was at it.

  • Jessica Leanna Taft

    I just want the chewing to stop is especially bad in the morning and at night.. i kinda snap at her when she does it cause its like nails on a chalk board to me…

  • Pattyvaughn

    They have LIDs, though not ones I want to feed due to carb content.

  • Pattyvaughn

    You may find that she needs a green superfood supplement.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I know within 24 hours if something is making my dog worse, it just may take time to know if they are getting better. I would have done likewise.

  • InkedMarie

    Aww I was going to say its on the website and make him look!

  • Jessica Leanna Taft

    that exactly what my dad said… he thought it may be the potato…