Sportmix Wholesomes Dog Food (Dry)


Rating: ★★★½☆

Sportmix Wholesomes Dog Food receives the Advisor’s mid-tier rating of 3.5 stars.

The Sportmix Wholesomes product line includes four dry dog foods, three claimed to meet AAFCO nutrient profiles for adult maintenance and one recipe for all life stages.

The following is a list of recipes available at the time of this review.

  • Sportmix Wholesomes Large Breed
  • Sportmix Wholesomes Fish Meal and Rice
  • Sportmix Wholesomes with Lamb Meal and Rice
  • Sportmix Wholesomes Chicken Meal and Rice (4 stars)

Sportmix Wholesomes with Lamb Meal and Rice was selected to represent the other products in the line for this review.

Sportmix Wholesomes with Lamb Meal and Rice

Dry Dog Food

Estimated Dry Matter Nutrient Content

Protein = 24% | Fat = 13% | Carbs = 54%

Ingredients: Lamb meal, brown rice, rice flour, peas, rice bran, menhaden fish meal, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), dried beet pulp, flaxseed, dried egg product, salt, potassium chloride, choline chloride, dl-methionine, vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, niacin, calcium pantothenate, riboflavin supplement, copper sulfate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine mononitrate, manganese sulfate, zinc proteinate, manganese proteinate, copper proteinate, calcium iodate, cobalt carbonate, folic acid, sodium selenite, biotin, vitamin B12 supplement

Fiber (estimated dry matter content) = 5.6%

Red items when present indicate controversial ingredients

Estimated Nutrient Content
Guaranteed Analysis22%12%NA
Dry Matter Basis24%13%54%
Calorie Weighted Basis22%29%49%

The first ingredient in this dog food is lamb meal. Lamb meal is considered a meat concentrate and contains nearly 300% more protein than fresh lamb.

The second ingredient is brown rice, a complex carbohydrate that (once cooked) can be fairly easy to digest. However, aside from its natural energy content, rice is of only modest nutritional value to a dog.

The third ingredient is rice flour. Rice flour is made from either white or brown rice and is considered a gluten-free substitute for wheat flour.

The fourth ingredient includes peas. Peas are a quality source of carbohydrates. And like all legumes, they’re rich in natural fiber.

However, peas contain about 25% protein, a factor that must be considered when judging the meat content of this dog food.

The fifth ingredient is rice bran, a healthy by-product of milling whole grain rice. The bran is the fiber-rich outer layer of the grain containing starch, protein, fat as well as vitamins and minerals.

The sixth ingredient is menhaden fish meal, another protein-rich meat concentrate.

Menhaden are small ocean fish related to herring. They’re rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. What’s more, in their mid-depth habitat, menhaden are not exposed to mercury contamination as can be typical with deep water species.

Fish meal is typically obtained from the “clean, dried, ground tissue of undecomposed whole fish and fish cuttings” of commercial fish operations.1

The seventh ingredient is chicken fat. Chicken fat is obtained from rendering chicken, a process similar to making soup in which the fat itself is skimmed from the surface of the liquid.

Chicken fat is high in linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid essential for life. Although it doesn’t sound very appetizing, chicken fat is actually a quality ingredient.

The eighth ingredient is beet pulp. Beet pulp is a controversial ingredient, a high fiber by-product of sugar beet processing.

Some denounce beet pulp as an inexpensive filler while others cite its outstanding intestinal health and blood sugar benefits.

We only call your attention here to the controversy and believe the inclusion of beet pulp in reasonable amounts in most dog foods is entirely acceptable.

The ninth ingredient is flaxseed, one of the best plant sources of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Provided they’ve first been ground into a meal, flax seeds are also rich in soluble fiber.

However, flaxseed contains about 19% protein, a factor that must be considered when judging the actual meat content of this dog food.

From here, the list goes on to include a number of other items.

But to be realistic, ingredients located this far down the list (other than nutritional supplements) are not likely to affect the overall rating of this product.

With two notable exceptions

First, we find no mention of probiotics, friendly bacteria applied to the surface of the kibble after processing to help with digestion.

And lastly, this food also contains chelated minerals, minerals that have been chemically attached to protein. This makes them easier to absorb. Chelated minerals are usually found in better dog foods.

Sportmix Wholesomes Dog Food
The Bottom Line

Judging by its ingredients alone, Sportmix Wholesomes Dog Food looks like an above-average dry product.

But ingredient quality by itself cannot tell the whole story. We still need to estimate the product’s meat content before determining a final rating.

The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 24%, a fat level of 13% and estimated carbohydrates of about 54%.

As a group, the brand features an average protein content of 26% and a mean fat level of 15%. Together, these figures suggest a carbohydrate content of 51% for the overall product line.

And a fat-to-protein ratio of about 57%.

Near-average protein. Near-average fat. And above-average carbs when compared to a typical dry dog food.

Even when you consider the protein-boosting effect of the peas and flaxseed, this looks like the profile of a kibble containing a moderate amount of meat.

Bottom line?

Sportmix Wholesomes is a plant-based dry dog food using a moderate amount of lamb, chicken or fish meals as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 3.5 stars.


Please note certain recipes are sometimes given a higher or lower rating based upon our estimate of their total meat content and (when appropriate) their fat-to-protein ratios.

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Notes and Updates

10/28/2014 Last Update

  1. Association of American Feed Control Officials
  • Miss Priss

    I switch back and forth from Diamond Natural to Wholesome. I’ve never had a problem and I own 20 dogs. All rescues, all sizes and ages. In fact, I’ve never had a dog sick from dog food…ever. Sometimes, when I can afford it, I buy a big bag of Taste of the Wild, Diamond, and Wholesome and dump them in the dog food container. It is mixed well and the dogs love it. I do have a lot of American Eskimos, several Basenjis, JRTs, Chi-mixes, and a few mixed breeds, Nothing upsets these dogs’ stomachs, causes skin rashes, or any other health issues. $29 for 40#.

    I might add that I feed a couple neighborhood dogs that aren’t fed half the time by their owner. I can afford Wholesome for those dogs.

  • Crazy4cats

    Do you mean which Sportmix flavor would be a good replacement? The chicken and rice looks like a solid food. It would be even better if you add a little fresh or canned foods to it. Such as eggs, sardines, or left over lean meats and vegetables.
    Also, Victor carries a few foods with beef that could rotate with your current foods.

  • brittany

    I feed diamond naturals beef meal and rice but due to all the past recalls I was not aware of before o want to switch food and sport mix wholesome is looking pretty good for the price which one of these would be a good replacer for the diamond?

  • Rin

    My dogs (Border Collie and Aussie) usually eat Taste of the Wild, but this food had a comparable score on DFA so I bought it. Huge mistake. They are massively allergic to something in this food and are tearing their hair out and chewing 24/7. I am taking the bag back to Tractor Supply and hoping they will give me a store credit to go back to my original food. Utterly disgusted.

  • Bobby dog

    Hi Robyn:

    If you are able to order on-line you will find an almost endless selection of foods for your pup at very reasonable prices. Many sites offer free shipping on any order over $49. For example, Chewy has a flat s&h fee of $4.95 for orders under $49 and free shipping for orders above $49. With a dog that size you would have no problem meeting that requirement. Chewy also has an excellent return policy.

    If you are looking for a particular dog food look at their website. Most have a search feature for on-line retailers along with retail locations.

    Several sites also offer frequent buyer programs (you have to ask), reduced prices for auto-ship orders, and some even honor coupons. I have received excellent prices and customer service from Petco, Petsmart, Chewy, and Petflow. If you sign up for e-mails from these companies you will also receive info on sales or free shipping specials as well. Here are some sites to check out:

  • Robyn Husick Seavers

    I have a Saint that turns three this month weighing in at 150# he eats between 6-8 cups a day. None of these 5,4,3 star foods are sold near me in Indiana I don’t recognize any of them so I haven’t seen them anywhere. I use to use sports mix (black) for my first Saint (he was 10 and passed in Dec) but they kept raising the price so I stopped buying it. Seems I am using a one star brand which disturbs me. I need to switch.

  • JW

    Hi, I have a 90 pound black lab that will eat ANYTHING that doesn’t try to eat him first. :) He also has allergies and can only have fish based foods. I decided to give Wholesomes a try, he loved the first bag. He would not touch the second bag. He literally stopped eating for about 4 days, I thought he was sick, although he’d chow down if we gave him anything else and acted totally fine. I ran to the store and bought his old brand, Premium Edge, and he was very, very happy. I will never buy Wholesomes again.

  • Fishermanroly

    Wholesomes Is better and .75 cents a pound.

  • MJfromGA

    We have tried Prey model, but frankly as he grew it got too expensive and we had to drop for the kibble. He is doing just fine on his current mix of foods. I don’t want to dive into another argument about the food, so I’ll leave it at that.

  • Fishermanroly

    Agreed i just wish the made a better bag we always have to dig through to find the ones that aren’t torn

  • Fishermanroly

    Another option is BARF diet it really is not that bad and can be done at less than a dollar a pound i would do it but i have to many dogs so they get raw only in the A.M and kibble in the P.M makes the kibble last longer i get 40lb boxes of chicken at 24.99 and chicken livers .69lb and gizzards, tripe etc not to mention we raise Quail so the get eggs daily and quail when we process them.

  • Fishermanroly

    My male Boerboel male is 170+ lbs and my female is 140+lbs also a male pup at 145lbs and my two male shepherds are around 90 each and the female 75+lbs feel my pain lol but they are our family .

  • Fishermanroly

    I use to feed fromm and it is an awesome feed but i have 3 GSD’s and 2 Boerboels and they loved it but i was paying close to 40.00 for a 33lb bag thats why i went with the Wholesomes chicken and rice at $30 for 40lbs you cant beat it.

  • Fishermanroly

    I noticed that is why i mentioned it i got family over there and they get it at TSC for 29.99 I have been using it since it came out no problems healthy dogs and stools at 1st they did not like it but now they want nothing else.

  • MJfromGA

    Are you serious? You’re the one who acted like a know-it-all when all I did was post a comment here. I didn’t start an argument. I mentioned nobody in my OP and didn’t ASK for any comments (advice included).

    I’m here to read reviews on dog food and post my personal experiences, not to get advice I didn’t even ask for by random people who now neither me nor my dog. You know, since you ASKED.

    You are the one who was rude to me with your sarcasm and randomness when I did absolutely nothing to you. At least BCnut apologized for offering me advice I didn’t ask for, which I appreciate.

    I can see why these forums are just a small team of (the same) posters attacking other members just like in that Pedigree thread.


    I don’t want to (or can’t truly afford to) buy/feed the dog food you want me to, so you decide to blast me for feeding what I do feed over and over again, make recommendations I didn’t ask for, and finally call me rude when I don’t bend to your will and try defend my position of why I feed what I do when I’d have not NEEDED to defend it if you had not offered advice I never asked for…

    Not many people would want to stay here after this sites regulars act like this to people…

    And then can’t even answer a simple question as to how in the world 4 cups is half of 5 cups (based on your own comment). Won’t even admit when you’re wrong about something. The arrogance is astounding.

    Move on? You have no right to say that to me. How about YOU move on? Yeah, it’s not a nice thing to be TOLD, is it?

  • LabsRawesome

    Please do that. Thank You.

  • Crazy4cats

    Oh Labbsy, you are being naughty.

  • Crazy4cats

    You are lucky. It sounds like you have a lot of good choices and prices where you live.

  • LabsRawesome

    I don’t see that happening.

  • LabsRawesome

    If you’re not here for help or advice, then why are you here? To fight and argue with people? Or just to be rude? We have all heard you. You don’t need or want our advice. Please move on.

  • LabsRawesome

    Heck yeah!! That’s what I’m talking about. :)

  • Betsy Greer

    Mine too, Labs. $1.00 per pound for grain inclusive and $1.33 per pound for grain free.

  • MJfromGA

    You really need to stop. I didn’t ask you anything before you went trying to tell me this and that like you’re some kind of expert. This site isn’t an expert advice column last I checked and I didn’t post seeking advice, only posted my personal experience with this food.

    You came at me telling me I could feed my dog a lot less when you don’t know my dog or me. You also TOLD me to check out that site when not once did I say I was interested in a new dog food.

    As a dog owner, I do like to know about other foods and whatnot, so I checked it out anyway, but still… never ASKED you for that.

    As for you saying I could get Victor dog food and feed half? Not really since it says 4 cups per day at least (the weight formula says 51/4 for an 80 lb dog). And 4 is not half of 5.

    I never asked you personally even one single question so I don’t think you’re right for acting like that but it’s whatever.

  • LabsRawesome

    No I don’t even look online for dog food. I can get everything cheaper at the store.

  • Crazy4cats

    Yes, but not here. Have you seen the Amazon or Sport Dog prices? I think you are very lucky you have it locally.

  • LabsRawesome

    I should clarify, I was talking about Victor grain inclusive being $1 per pound. At my local independent pet store. :)

  • Kimi_Forever

    the fromm he suggested is 37.99 for 33lbs thats a 1.15 a lb..sorry you were so uptight about 15 cents a lb…

  • Crazy4cats

    If you can’t get it locally, however, it costs much more. I only have one store here that carries it and she charges very close to what Amazon charges. I wish some more stores would carry it and maybe drive the cost down a little.

  • Crazy4cats

    Sorry, I really thought that Fromm’s Family Classics was $1 or less a pound. I hope you are not confusing it with their two other lines of kibble. Also, if you are going to buy Diamond, do you have a Costco membership. If yes, then you should consider the Kirkland brand. They are only about 85 cents a pound and are rated higher than the Diamond Naturals. They carry both a lamb and rice and a chicken and rice varieties. The Kirkland brand and the Nature’s Domain brand that Costco carries are both made by Diamond. I do believe that myself and the others are really trying to help. Not just to make you spend more money. Take care.

  • LabsRawesome

    I’ll come back later and ask you some questions. When you answer them I will get mad. I have no point. Or explanation for this behavior .

  • LabsRawesome

    If you didn’t want help or advice then what was the point of posting? Just curious. The reason that you didn’t get an answer on your Diamond question was probably because you had already alienated everyone with your rude comments so they were over trying to help you.

  • theBCnut

    I just read back over all your posts. I had some time to waste. I’m sorry we tried to give you advice you clearly didn’t ask for. Usually when people come here about all the foods their dog won’t eat, it is because they are asking for suggestions about foods they might try. Obviously not in your case, but that seems to be the habit we’ve fallen into. So for your one question, we generally do not suggest or recommend Diamond because of their recall history, but other than the fact that they may poison your dog at any time without notice, they read like an OK food on paper.
    No, you haven’t thanked anybody anytime for their advice, but then since it was all unsolicited, I guess that’s to be expected. And I guess that also explains why you got snarky in every post after someone suggested the price of food in FL. Sorry, we couldn’t help you. Have a good day.

  • MJfromGA

    I hope nobody else wastes their time either. Like I said, the little buddy system you people have going on here is cute. I said thanks many times for advice that I could not use. I didn’t ask for the “advice” to begin with and the little bit of advice I did ask for (asked about the Diamond food we are thinking of trying next), I got no answer to. You want to talk about a waste of time? I certainly wasted my time posting here, so I think we can call it even.

  • theBCnut

    You may find this hard to believe, but some of us read every single post on every single thread, so they start to run together and we don’t go back and read everything that someone ever wrote before we try to help. We do expect that if we, in good faith, try to help you, even if you can’t actually use our advice, that you will appreciate that someone bothered to take their time to try to help you. Obviously that isn’t the case, so I hope that no one else bothers to waste their time.

  • MJfromGA

    I said I tried Canidae all life stages, as well as some other brands. Tried this brand, as well? So how you’re saying there is no rotation is really beyond me. Seriously.

    It’s clear to see that people here team up for no reason judging by the thumbs up I see. Betsy isn’t even reading what I am writing, keeps responding and gets thumbs up. Just because my comments are long doesn’t mean you can skim and respond off of that.

    I already told you I looked at the dog food, and then you tell me to look at it again as if I didn’t already say I looked. So excuse ME for being the rude one… Also, how is over $40 for a 30 lb bag $1 per pound? Maybe my math is off but…

    Also, for an 80 lb ADULT dog (my dog is still growing) it’s 4 cups a day on the Victor dog food bag Beef Meal flavor. On the weight management it’s 5 1/4 cups a day and he gets an average of 5 cups a day so that says a lot about how I’m supposedly feeding him WAY too much (I’m not).

    I see how this site works. I will use it’s functions in the manner instructed and refrain from posting on these comment sections or reading the comments within. Good day to everyone.

  • Betsy Greer

    It would’ve been a great food to add to a rotation, but apparently, there’s no rotation contemplated.

  • LabsRawesome

    Actually Victor is around $1 per pound. It’s definitely cheaper than Pure Balance, if you can pick it up locally.

  • Betsy Greer

    You’re right, that was rude.

    Sorry to have so obviously upset you. I was actually just curious to see if the product would be available locally to you. It actually does cost $1.00 per pound.

    I won’t respond to you further.

  • MJfromGA

    I think I’ll stop posting here. Clearly you’re not hearing me. I told you that I already checked their prices and it was too much IMO. I am not willing to pay more than like $1 or so per pound and I can really barely pay that at this time.

    I am not working right now and I have absolutely no extra money to spend. I put a little away to make sure he can go to the vet etc. but I’m on a very tight budget and no money can be wasted. Hence why I tried this food to begin with and why we’re sticking to Pure Balance right now.

    Repeatedly telling me to spend more money on dog food is not helping me and it’s not going to help me. I’m sorry if that sounds rude, but it’s true. Thank you everyone for the suggestions, though.

  • Crazy4cats

    Well, good luck to you. I have two 80 pounders. I know exactly how it is. Just be sure to add some eggs, sardines, lean meats and fruits or veggies to the kibble now and then and he’ll be fine.

  • Betsy Greer

    Will you please do me a favor? Click on this link, it’ll take you to the Victor website: Across the top of the page, click on on “Find a Dealer,” and put in your zip code. Victor has a lot of great quality, very budget friendly choices. If you can find the product locally, the approximate prices are $39.99 for a 30 pound bag of grain inclusive or a 40 pound bag of grain free.

  • MJfromGA

    Way more expensive, actually. I know I seem kinda wishy washy, but frankly he is expensive to feed. I feed him all the food he needs, but can’t afford costly brands.

    I got him from the shelter and they told me he’d be a max of 60 lbs fully grown like my previous Lab mix and our 54 lb GSD mix as well as most of the other dogs that we have owned.

    I love him to bits, but frankly I really was not super well equipped to feed an 82 lb dog (and he’s not even done growing yet). We are shopping around, so thanks.

  • Crazy4cats

    How about Fromm’s? Do you have Fromm’s Family Classics available in your area? I think it is about the same price as the Diamond foods only without the recall issue. I hope you find something

  • MJfromGA

    I have tried Merrick, Blue, and Earthborn Holistics in the past because our cats eat those foods. He was a LOT smaller then, though.

    Those foods are WAY too expensive to feed an 82 lb dog, and he eats the same amount. Actually, I find it quite mythical that they eat less of more costly foods.

    If I found that to be true, perhaps I’d buy a higher quality. Our cats run through the Merrick (the food they eat most of the time) just as quickly as the store bought foods such as Meow Mix.

    I tried the Canidae all life stages recently, which was a 44 lb bag for $50 (bit more than I like to pay but still) but he could tell there was fish in it and rejected it 100% and I ended up having to give it to our other dog so as not to waste it.

    I sometimes buy food with fish because normally he can’t taste it if it’s not the main ingredient. He hates fish except Salmon (which he loves) and they must have used some other kind of fish.

    I checked out the Victor, costs more than I’m generally willing to pay. I’m seeing 40 lb bags for like $58. It is not cost effective to buy bags smaller than 30 lbs for him and to me it does not seem true that they eat less of it and are satisfied.

    He might not NEED anymore food nutrition wise, but his tummy feels empty without enough food in it and he isn’t happy, which means I’m not happy.

    BTW… I think we will try Diamond Naturals Beef Meal and Rice next. It’s at Tractor Supply co. for $31 for a 40 lb bag, so loving the price. Do you think that is a decent food to try? I really cannot spend a lot on dog food yet he is allergic to soy, so don’t have a LOT of options.

  • MJfromGA

    You’ll notice that my username says GA and not FL so yeah… I don’t live in FL so I don’t pay what you pay? Easy enough to understand, right?

  • Betsy Greer

    If you’re ever considering alternate budget friendly foods to rotate with the Pure Balance, check out Victor. It’s very nutrient dense, more so than the Pure Balance, so you’d feed less of it and potentially pay less too.

  • Fishermanroly

    Not True its not the protein its the calcium you need to be careful with . I breed Boerboel’s and all are beautiful healthy dog’s . Also never feed puppy food to a large breed puppy that’s where you run into problems where they grow faster than there bodies can handle. I have fed RAW meat and organs in the A.M and The sportmix wholesomes chicken and rice formula in the afternoon just want to make sure my dogs are getting what they need one of my male pups is 140 lbs and lean at 8 months old. So dont think because you dont feed puppy food to a puppy he will not grow.Also the chicken and rice is a 4 star food the other formulas aren’t.

  • Fishermanroly

    $37? its $29 for a 40 lb bag in florida

  • MJfromGA

    Hello, everyone. I just joined and am glad to have the feedback so soon. He is very active and runs around outside off lead a lot and also gets a long leashed walk with our oldie each day, as well.

    If he gets less than this amount of food, he feels hungry like his tummy isn’t full and he acts all whiny and goes to his bowl a lot. I have gone to the vet about his eating and gotten advice etc.

    He is at a good weight condition for his age and whatnot. Because he is not fat, and because he acts really hungry if I lessen his food, I am supposedly feeding him what he’s supposed to eat.

    Vet said he will not be done growing until next year because he has some kind of big breed in him, and he’s an early neuter so his growth plates didn’t close properly etc.

    BTW, he hates this food and eats his Pure Balance most of the time now.

  • LabsRawesome

    Hey Betsy! Yeah she could go from a 3 star to a 5 star food for about the same price. :)

  • Betsy Greer

    Victor is exactly the food I was thinking of food her too, Labs. If she could find it local, she’d really be in business.

  • LabsRawesome

    That is a lot of food My Lab only eats 2 cups of kibble and 1 can per day. For the same price as Sportmix you could try Victor and feed half the amount you’re feeding now. Here’s victor’s site check out their dealer locator.

  • Betsy Greer

    You’re feeding your 82 pound Lab mix twice what I feed my 72 pound Golden Retriever. You could be feeding a much more nutrient dense food with fewer fillers which increase stool volume and contain antinutrients that your dog doesn’t need and which could possibly cause unhealthy reactions, for about the same price you pay to feed this food.

  • MJfromGA

    I got this from the feed store at about $37 for a 40 lb bag. Great price, and looked like a decent dog food for my soy allergic Nigredo. It was the chicken and rice formula, not the lamb or fish. He’s an active 16 month old 82 lb Lab mix (in photo). Usually eats 5 cups a day approx. Not selective, either. But he didn’t like this food at ALL and I don’t have money to throw away so we had to fight through the entire bag. Won’t buy again at all.

  • theBCnut
  • chelsea

    i feed the lamb sometimes but mostly the fish. i have Great Danes and they arent supposed to be fed over 22% protein because they grow so fast and it can destroy their joints to have a higher protein. (several vets have said this to me) my blood hound and shih tzu also eat this food. all do amazing. great coats, weights, and stools, and they LOVE it. Its cheap enough to feed them all without breaking the bank and it doesnt have corn so my shih tzus allergies dont act up. I think this is a great choice in feed

  • MisterPotatoHeadToYou

    My dog is 50 lb. and we walk 30 minutes daily. I feed her just under two cups per day which is less than my friends feed their similarly-sized dogs and she’s still holding her weight and might slightly be heavy. Vet says she likely just has low metabolism. She likes the Chicken Meal & Rice and has no gas. Great price to boot.

  • Randy Thompson

    I feed the chicken and rice to my GSD and my girl put on weight very easily. Her coat appears shinier and fuller and she appears to have more umph than she did with higher protein foods that had fillers. She likes it, and I am getting it at a fair price. I would like to see the analysis above on the chicken and rice rather than the lamb meal.

  • Pattyvaughn

    The protein level may be acceptable in this food but for large and giant breed dogs, it’s calcium that has to be regulated not protein, and even that is only for puppies. Limiting protein is a myth that has been disproven.

  • Shawna

    Why do you feel the protein level is “perfect” for large and giant breed dogs? Twenty-four percent is only marginally more than the minimum required by AAFCO (especially for growing puppies).

  • Shanna Pittman

    The protein level in this food is perfect for large and giant breed dogs. I have been feeding Wholesomes since they started carrying at my local Tractor Supply this year and all my Bloodhounds do great on it. Coats look great, no horrible gas and poop is firm and reduced as it should be. They have done better on this than Evo and Merrick BG and they love the taste! For the price and quality you can’t beat it!!!



  • Pattyvaughn

    I think he is saying he has tried so many different foods because he is not going to use Diamond.

  • Corey Rigoni

    I’m not sure why you would go with Diamond since they have been recalled more than anybody. Many of the dog foods that have been recalled in the last couple of years were manufactured by Diamond. You’ll never convince me that Diamond is a safe food to feed.


    Emailed Sportmix asking if Wholesomes was ethoxyquin-free. Received a fast response assuring me it was. Seems like a good alternative to Diamond Naturals.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Serving amount is just a suggestion. Some dogs have a faster metabolism and need more, some dogs have a slower metabolism and need less.

  • jags52

    I have been feeding my dogs the chicken rice and they have gained a lot . We give the right amount to there size and they are still gaining. Anyone else having the same problem?

  • Gabe

    Rodger I have been using sport mix wholesome chicken rice formula in all my 6 show dogs they are doing amazing on this kibble we use to use eukanuba , diamond brands , purina pro plan I never had same results. Earthborn it is made by sportmix I would advise you add a spoon of plain yogurt for the sensitive stomach ! Good lucky

  • RogerF1970

    I have tried Sportmix Wholesomes Chicken Meal and Rice for 5 months. all 3 of my dogs have gotten an upset stomach and are eating grass and vomiting. I had been using Pro pac mini chunks until the store quit carrying it,so I talked to the sales rep and she suggested i should try the sportmix. I am now feeding 2 of my dogs earthborn and the 3rd has the most sensitive stomach were are trying Merrick-duck & sweet potato. With all of the recalls that are going on with other manufactures (Diamond) I dont know what else to try.I have always liked midwestern pet foods.

  • Gabriel Siqueira

    I want more information about the Sportmix Wholesomes Chicken Meal and Rice qualified 4 stars ! if you guys are happy using it. I’m feeding my dog loyall Loyall Active Adult Formula 26/19 I’m not real happy about my dogs coat. I’m looking forward for more informations and reviews about Sportmix Wholesomes Chicken Meal and Rice. Best regards

  • Gabriel Siqueira

    I want more information about the Sportmix Wholesomes Chicken Meal and Rice qualified 4 stars ! if you guys are happy using it thanks. I’m feeding my dog loyall Loyall Active Adult Formula 26/19 I’m not real happy about my dogs coat. I’m looking forward for more informations and reviews about Sportmix Wholesomes Chicken Meal and Rice. Best regards

  • Annie Russell

    I was just wondering about that i never even thought to look at protein % lol

  • Pattyvaughn

    Pure Balance has 30% protein and 17% fat, this is both lower protein and lower fat. Too low for me to be OK feeding it even with protein boosting additions.

  • Annie Russell

    I noticed this is rated 3.5 stars like pure balance but i’m curious if this is about the same thing as pure balance. Better or worse than pure balance. My dogs are doing good on pure balance but i have to give them a skin/coat supplement because if i don’t they’ll look dull and have dry skin. They are also tired of it.

  • Shawna

    Got it!! That makes more sense.. I thought maybe you were abandoning paleo or something.. ;) No fears that you wanted to “marry the food” though…

  • Jamie as Guest

    Thank you for review! I feed the chicken/rice. Perfect fat/protein and it beats the heck out of comparable foods. (IE Diamond-4health) Midwestern is a milling company so all of their ingredients are milled on site. Logical explanation of every part of the single grain listed. Dogs coats look great, they maintain good weight and stools, not complaining. Perfect for my pack which is also supplemented with raw. :) I add spoonful of plain yogurt to their kibble couple times a week. I feed wholesomes in rotation with pro pac. For the price it just can’t be beat.

  • Dog Food Ninja

    Oh come on, I didn’t say I wanted to marry the food. Lol. There is a certain percent of the population that simply will not or cannot pay more for the really good foods, and if I can get someone to use this in my store rather than dog chow or Beneful, then its a positive step.

  • Shawna

    Grain or grain free at only 24% protein, I’m really surprised you would endorse this food DFN?

  • Dog Food Ninja

    Although I’m not a fan of grains in any amount, this is a really decent food at a very low price point from a reputable producer. My store has been selling it pretty well and the dogs eating it seem to be doing well. Of course I always recommend probiotics and fish oil with grain based foods…