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    Yep, nasty things, and several of them! Some were rice size and some looked a bit bigger and longer if I recall but they were all very white. Haven’t seen any signs of them since I wormed him then, but yeah it’s probably worth sending it to a lab. Especially since, when last I found the worms in his stool, they were SO obvious and for whatever reason the tech who looked at the sample told me she didn’t see anything at first until I insisted I was positive and she looked a second time. Weird.

    I found the Perfect Form at my pet store. I read about it a bit first and it seems like many people have had success with it, and one of the women who works at the store recommended it as well. Gave him some with his dinner. Hope it helps him out! I appreciate your advice very much! 🙂

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    Thanks for the response!

    I kind of figured that it could be in part something to do with the amount of time he works on food overnight. I didn’t realize that was a thing in nervous type dogs though; interesting! Boy is fairly outgoing but a wee bit sensitive. 😉 I will definitely look into the Perfect Form. I’ll see if I can find it today in the local pet supply store.

    Food intolerance wasn’t my first thought either since he’s had chicken in his diet before with no real noticeable changes. But it’s been a while. Chicken was never what I went for first I guess.

    I found the worms myself. This happened twice and was likely the result of a run-in with fleas this summer/early fall. It was a baaad flea and allergy year. Oof.

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