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    Amy K

    I’ll be checking this often, because I’m running into a similar situation. My dog is showing borderline allergic to most of the proteins, and definitely allergic to a lot of the grains as well as peas. My vet advises avoiding the borderline items as well as the definitely allergic – searching all the limited ingredient and hypoallergenic foods, one or the other always pops up, so I’m thinking I’ll have to make her food.
    So I have two questions: Do I really need to worry about the borderline items? And if so, where can I find a good formula for homemade dogfood I.e. Proper protein to carb ratios, supplements needed, portion size guide for daily feedings.
    I do plan on talking to my vet more about this, but would like to have info to use so I know what questions I still need to ask.
    Appreciate any help given!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)