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    Judith L

    Thank you, Crazy4cats. I am heartsore, for certain. And since I have 4 other dogs, the fear of GDV is now embedded. I have a Boxer, age 10, about 70 pounds, hearty rapid eater; a 140#Anatolian shepherd, age 9. A Dutch Shepherd female, age 7. And a Dutch Shepherd puppy now 6 months old. The big guy, Kandor, is clearly at risk, the prototype of a deep chested dog. The Boxer is also deep chested, and eats rapidly, anything and everything. The 2 Duchies are more fit and active, the pup has occasional manic episodes! There is no way to stop them from moving around, including upside down.
    I scanned the scientific literature using scholar.google.com and found general agreement that raised food stations are a bad idea. Feeding once a day is a bad idea. Larger kibble and nap time after eating = good idea, generally. But Poldy was 12, not hyperactive. He had been fed in the morning, 8 hours before he showed signs of being ill, and he was not running around like a madman. He was a dog of leisure, a gentleman and a scholar, not given to childish frolics. So I don’t know what to do except hope for the best, and pay for good insurance in case something horrible happens again.
    Yes, RIP, Poldy. You are sorely missed.

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