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    Thanks everyone. I appreciate the information. I’m going to see what I can do about the food situation. I’ll be getting special shampoo and ear stuff to bathe and clean her with. My other dog is just fine outside. She does seem to only have the skin problems in the summer.

    Just to let you know, both of our dogs have plenty of shade, two houses (with heaters in the winter), two large kiddie pools that we refill every day, a mist system, water bowls, and we usually wet down the yard for them. There is grass, dirt, cement, or carpet (or they can lie down in their house). so they have plenty to choose from. It’s not my ideal environment, but our living situation will most likely change soon (this is my parents house and they’ll be renting it to us within the next few months). So, we’ll be able to bring the dogs into the house.

    I didn’t know there were dermatologists for dogs. I wonder if I can just go see one instead of a vet? They might know more than a vet would maybe?

    We feed both wet and dry food, so I’ll be switching to a better kibble and wet food for now (or just supplement the dry with a homemade recipe of wet). Once my partner and I are making better money, we can look into much better food options. This site is pretty overwhelming and I’m terrified of screwing anything up if I go and try to make my own food.

    ps. How should I talk to my fiance? I tried talking to him yesterday about it and he has this thing – He respects his uncle and looks up to him a lot and Purina Dog Chow is the only thing his uncle has ever fed his dogs. His dogs never had any problems on the stuff (as far as I know) and neither has my fiance’s dog. But, I’ve always known it was low quality food. I guess since I buy the food, I’ll just buy what I want! lol. 🙂

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