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    My dog Roxi has been healthy all her life and she is a 7 year old parsons russell terrier. She began drinking a lot, peeing on the floor, and not wanting to eat suddenly after a dental visit. She had four teeth removed bc she has in the past few years aquired teeth issues. I changed her diet to strictly dog food and even began giving her natural jerky I made with a newly purchased food dehydrator since my vet said it was good for her teeth.
    Since this sudden change happened, I ely took her to the vet. She had the dental visit two weeks prior. I come back to the office to check on her and she is brought out with a jagged stitch in her neck running along the jugular and her skin is hanging down around like pugs..
    I am freaked out. The receptionist tells me the vet will be bk and she is not a doctor. So when he gets there he explains that her veins were blown and had to go in that way. When I left she had a catheter in her leg. She seemed so strange to me. Her whole personality was off. So, he then tells me my dog is very sick and has renal failure and do I want to know the damage as far a the cost. I tell him yes, but to do whatever he can no matter what.
    So, he tells me she needs to be there for about four more days. One day cost me $401. I was assured the other days would be less. $130 a day. I said ok. Three days later I go in and they tell me the bill is another $486. I am beyond tapped out and I could not believe how much they were charging for treatment that didnt work. She still had way off levels. Her bun and creatinine were out of wack. Her amylase and wbc and rbcs were screwed. He sent her home after all that with a script for gatorade and some anti biotic.
    I take her home and she is fading fast and being tortured through force feeding of gatorade water and food every half an hour.
    I do this with no improvement for three days. I watch youtube and see that vets prescribe subq fluids for the home to give to the dogs and cats. I asked about this and he had told me no. So, I take her to get a second opinion from another vet a friend recommended. He is pissed off and amazed by her health decline and the failure to treat my dog properly.
    Turned out my dog had acute renal failure due to leptospirosis. Which is contagious to my pets and even me. If there are rats around your home (they became an issue since a house in derelict conditions was cleaned and rehabbed next door.) or yard. The bacteria is from the poo of an infected animal but normally a rodent. When it is around water it forms the bacteria. If you or your pets come into contact with this water or moist dirt(it can survive in moist soil for more than six months) on their feet and then they somehow rub their eye or have a cut on their foot or etc. It can enter the blood stream and by the time you realize your dog is sick it is normally too advanced.
    There is a vaccine and I dont have a clue but my dogs were vaccinated but I hear the lepto is optional. I never heard of the option.
    Now my dog is finally recieving the fluids but I have a feeling it is too late. She is less than half of her body weight of 22 lbs less than a month ago. She wont eat,Vomits, has diarhea, and barely drinks. She is suffering so much and I dont know how to handle it if my other dogs are infected too. I am so pissed off. I dont know where to go from here. I am still up. Planning on not sleeping, havent left the house for fear of something happening to her while I gone, and I am taking her to the vet to be euthanized I suppose bc I cant watch her wither away and suffer so much.
    The bill at the other vet was another $400 and some odd dollars. So, I am tapped out, $1500 plus all the other **** I have bought to try to help her, missed work, and possibly might end up with two more sick dogs. I have appt. For them so lets add this to the bill…i dont know. Its insane. There was no mention of this at the first vet. The second vet had much more insight but I came to him when it was too late. What should I do?? Anyone??? I am so depressed and stressed and angry and tired and broke. I dont know what to do. I fear for my dogs quality of life and just want what is right for her but I dont know if there is something I am missing. Help me…

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