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    Val C

    Hi Amateria,
    I have a photo of the hair in the Sunday Pets Deliganics (for Senior) dog food.
    How do I post it in this forum though?

    I’ve asked the pet shop (in Singapore) who sold me the food and it seems like there’s been multiple complaints before of the same issue.
    The pet shop was nice enough to allow me to exchange for another product.
    The response from Sunday Pets to the pet shop was that those are part of the herbs ingredients. Those little short strands of black & white “hair” certainly do not resemble any herbs I know of, in my view. It brings me to wonder what animal and what was the process of producing the food. With a very imaginative mind, I see the image of whole animal parts (with fur / hair etc.) being thrown into a grinding machine! 🙁

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)