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    Karen D

    We’ve had him about 4 weeks now. I know he was a bit traumatized when we first got him, he’d spent two weeks at the animal shelter and with his limited vision and hearing it had to have scared him. We have another dog that he pretty much avoided and ignored for the first 2 weeks, but he’s warmed up to him now.
    I tried the kibble with water and broth but he wouldn’t touch it, even with canned food added in. I think the colitis really threw off his stomach. The vet thinks it was brought on by the stress of the shelter and then he had to have extensive dental work on top of losing his home and living a God knows how long on his own in the woods. Poor little guy, how can someone be that cruel?
    Anyway, he did eat a bit of canned this morning. About 1/2 a cup, and he’s a good drinker, likes his water!
    Thank you for your advise, I appreciate any and all help. We just want to give this little guy a few more quality years.

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