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    Hi I thought I’d add my review about Raaw energy.

    I’m a poor college student. Look the meat in the grocery store are expensive per pound, and need to feed balanced, so Raaw energy is cheaper pound for pound, plus gives the variety. Kit, who runs the deliveries, has always been courteous. He does mess up on orders though and makes no excuse for it except “it happens”. He will try to fix it though. I have not had a problem with any of that.

    I’ve ordered tripe, chip’s agility, organ blend, terrestrial blend, etc. I feed it frozen or my dogs would eat too fast, and they actually prefer it frozen.

    My dogs have done very well. I feed them Raaw at night, and Sojo dehydrated raw in the morning, and I add Springtime Inc.’s Longevity for extra nutrients.

    One problem, which I’ll update if this gets fixed, and why I’m writing here: Kit packed my car and gave me a wrong box of food. It was a $40 error. My order was given to someone else, and what I got is a cheaper product and one that I don’t care to feed. I’ve contacted him and not heard back yet. I’ll update if he does fix this though.

    However, if you need to save money, Raaw energy is a great way to do it and still feed your dogs quality and variety. No it’s probably not as good as Hare Today which is a lot more $$ but while I’m in college I have to sacrifice on many things, and am just thankful I can give my dogs balanced raw food.

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