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    Iva R

    Thanks Lori, I sent you an email! Looking forward to hearing from you!


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    Iva R

    InkedMarie, thanks!
    I asked Lori H if I could contact her 😉
    Best, Iva

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    Iva R

    Thank you InkedMarie!

    : would you mind if I contact you privately, as I have couple of questions concerning Ricks program? Maybe you can give me your email adress.

    Thanks! Best Iva

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    Iva R

    Dear Susan,

    Many thanks for your answer & support – we really appreciate!
    Thanks also for recommending Ketopets, I will contact them too.
    It seems like our dogs know what is good. I have heard a lot of different opinions, but mostly conventional medicine suggests prescription diet.
    Ralf lives in Montenegro. We got him when he was two months old. Living is such a small country enables you to have more time, to enjoy life, to have an easy access to organic food, etc. Ralf as whole family was always having a homecooked meals. We never had a microwave. In our country, people dine. They are not in a hurry or anything, they sit for hours and eat their food. We never (there are some rare exceptions) eat food from yesterday. It is just not necessary, as people have time to cook. It is rather a rule that families get together every day around 4pm to have lunch together. Ralf, as part of the family, was not exception either. His meals were always fresh prepared, organic turkey or chicken meat with a lot of steaming vegetables and rice, that my mother cooked for him without any additives, salt or anything. As my father is hobby fisherman, Ralf got sometimes fresh steaming trout or some other fish. He loved it. In addition, he used to eat Hills kibbles (as recommended by our vet) but let’s say: 2/3 was fresh prepared food and 1/3 kibbles. He has never got anything from the table except his own food, and sometimes some cheese bites (organic goat cheese, from our village).
    End of June this year he got his vaccination, and one month after, diarrhea and vomiting started. He is on following therapy:

    Prednisolon 5mg (1x per day ½) –his dosage is 2.5mg per day
    Tylan 80mg (1x capsule 2x per day) – his dosage is 80mg per day
    Atopica 25mg (2x per day) – his dosage is 50mg per day
    Omep Mut 10mg (2x per day ½)- his dosage is 10mg per day
    Semintra (1x per day 1.4ml) – his dosage is 1.4ml

    In addition, he gets therapy for his eyes (as he got eye inflammation, after spending a night at the Clinic, when the vets said, his immune system has weakened. We are still fighting with it. Left eye got healthy again, right eye is still not healing. Vet said again that this is due to his general condition, and it can get better only when his immune system gets better and stronger)
    Vigamox drops for eyes (we give every 2hours 1 drop in his right eye)
    Soloseryl cream for eyes (every 2 hours in his right eye)
    In addition, we put cotton pads soaked in the lukewarm tea on the closed eyes for ten minutes.

    Right now (this and last week), he is eating: venison meat cooked with veggies (sweet potato, pumpkin, zucchini, carrots, mangold) and tapioca. We add also every second day cooked organic egg white and a little bit of kefir or cottage cheese with very low fat. This week he got trout once. All veggies and fish are steamed. As he loves venison meat, he can eat up to 300-350gr/ day together with veggies. Therefore, his kibbles stay untouched most of the time.

    During October, he was on horse meat (sometimes fresh, sometimes PERRO canned hypoallergenic 100% horse meat, with a lot of veggies such as sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots, zucchini and mangold). Apart from that he got once or twice a week fresh organic tuna or salmon, as well as kefir and low-fat cottage cheese. Two or three days we fed him with a young beef my mother brought from home for him. In addition, he got Hills Z/D kibbles, and was eating maybe 100gr per day. But kibbles are always the last thing he would eat. Not to forget, we put from time to time a teaspoon of linseed oil in his meals.

    No snacks. We got Hills Z/D snacks from our vet. However, he does not like them. He would rather lick a bit of kefir or yogurt than eat anything from Z/D.

    I am not sure if we are on the right way. I am very much worried about kidneys and not sure if we are treating them properly. The only medication he gets for kidneys is Semintra (1.4ml). Last labor results showed that his kidney values drastically increased: creatinine in urine 22.700mg/dl, protein in urine: 535.50mg/dl (reference: 6-53) and protein/creatinine ratio 23.59

    I am pretty much sure, conventional medicine can’t help much here. They did what they could. I have been desperately searching for alternatives.

    Apart from that, my dog looks OK. He is skinny (now 4.65kg / used to be 6.5kg) but he is in a good mood most of the time, likes to play, walk, sleeps properly and has appetite (picky eater). We do try to give smaller meals (let’s say 3 per day).

    Thanks a lot to all of you who is posting here, this means a lot!


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    Iva R

    Dear Lori,

    Many thanks for your prompt and honest answer. I am reaching out to Rick immediately! And it is very much true that conventional medicine can do a lot up to some point, but the key is exactly in balancing both. I hope to have good results soon. Will keep you posted.


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    Iva R

    Hello guys,

    My dog (7 years old Yorkshire terrier) was diagnosed with PLE couple of weeks ago. Until August 2017, Ralf was a very healthy, happy dog without any indication that he could get so sick. In mid-August he suddenly got diarrhea and vomiting. We have visited several veterinarians, taken various lab examinations, many different antibiotics but nothing helped. We visited then Vet Clinic beginning of October and the diagnosed PLE (without endoscopy, as this was not possible). He got his therapy: Atopica, Cortison, Omep, Semintra and Tylan, sometimes complemented with some additional meds against nausea and vomiting. After 3 weeks ups and downs, his vet called me and said that his Albumin / Total protein got better. However, his kidneys seem not to work properly as large amounts of protein escape through his urine. Looking at him, I have a feeling he’s got a lot better – he has energy, wants to walk/ play, has appetite, not much water in abdomen, etc. However, his vet results are not great. Does anyone has experience with this or something similar? PLE and PNE together.
    Concerning food, he has been on Hills Z/D. However, he hates canned food and does not even want to eat it if mixed with something he normally likes. Hills Z/D kibble is still acceptable for him. He is used to home cooking. He used to eat organic chicken or turkey breast with rice and other veggies (carrots, pumpkin, zucchini etc), sometimes white fish and kibble. As he got this awful disease, we have tried with novel protein, such as horse, rabbit and venison meat. He prefers venison meat cooked with veggies (sweet potato, pumpkin, zucchini, carrots) and tapioca. We add also every second day cooked egg white and a little bit of kefir or cottage cheese with very low fat. From time to time he likes white fish, or tuna & salmon. He still has not gained his normal weight, but seems he can digest it well (at least)? I think we are on the right way when it comes to PLE, but I am really worried about PLN as his kidneys are not working properly. So, I need to come up with a proper diet, to satisfy his daily protein needs but on the other hand I need to protect & make his kidneys work better.
    Concerning fat, we try to keep it on a very low level.
    Any tips, ideas or suggestions are very much welcome as I have a feeling we are fighting for life!

    Balance it – looks really great. However, I need approval from my vet. My dog is at vet clinic, based in Vienna, Austria. I am not sure they have balance it accounts and/or have time to create one. Any other ideas how I can approach the recipes?

    Thanks a lot for your feedback(s)!

    Iva & Ralf

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