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    Royal Canine veterinary formula with chicken feathers as the source of protein. Sounds crazy I know, however it is simply meant as a starting point to see what your dog is sensitive to. Once you have transitioned to it and your dog is doing better you can start adding other things and see if your dog reacts. This particular food is just a starting point food I think the ZD is as well . The food is hydrolyzed so it is simply stripped down to a single protein source and then you add back things to find out what your dog is sensitive too.

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    My homemade recipe:
    One large slow cooker
    Only buy marked down items or on sale items remember they are dogs not children
    Stewing beef and skinless boneless chicken breasts
    chicken giblets
    turkey giblets
    beef liver
    low fat low sodium chicken broth ( 1 box )
    Green beans
    sweet potato
    frozen blueberries, apple pieces, garlic powder, ground flax seed,
    cubed squash
    throw it all into the slow cooker and cook all day add more water later on if it appears dry
    Remind husband not to touch it, it is for the dog.
    I buy those dollar store plastic containers ( probably full of Chinese lead paint ) I think they are 6 for two dollars.
    I fill them up and keep them in the freezer and add my stew to their kibble.
    Which by the way is Back to Basics and Orijen.

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    I am so pleased with both the price of merricks whole earth farms food and the quality. The senior canned food is gobbled up by my two in no time, and the finicky chow who won’t touch a hot dog wiener, loves it. The cans up until last week were $1.99 in Canada, but now are $2.39 per tin. I guess I should have bought a couple of cases last week when I was shopping.

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    The Whole Earth Farms senior formula should fit the bill for you.

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    Hi Katie again:

    There is a website about EPI called

    That would be a very good start for you. If your dog does have epi then this site could quite possibly save his life.

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    Hello Katie:
    I am an owner of a dog diagnosed with EPI. Runny loose stools, losing weight, ravenous appetite. Before you start anything, your vet needs to do a cTLI test on your pup and test for pancreatic enzyme function. When a dog does not have a functioning pancreas, it means they are not producing the enzymes, amylase, protease, and lipase to digest carbs, proteins and fats. Your dog eats and eats and never gains weight because it cannot break down its food into nutrients and digest it. The poop is simply undigested food, thus diarrhea. Your vet will run a TLI test to test for exocrine pancreatic insuffiency as well he should run a B-12 folate test. Most dogs with EPI or limited digestion, have very low B-12 and need a shot once a month to keep the level high. If diagnosed with EPI then you will need to buy pancreatic ( pork based ) enzymes, not the cheaper plant based ones. Time is of the essence and you should get your pup into the vet for this test asap. Just my advice from someone who has been where you are and can see a lot of similarities and I only wish I had known sooner what I know today.

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