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    Brian S

    @flowertina, any updates on the treatments you mentioned? Has it continued to be helpful over the long term?

    Personally, the _only_ thing I’ve found to help my GSD is allowing her to eat grass (yes; I’ve tried all of the acid reflux solutions any vet has offered). I certainly have some concern about chemicals, pesticides, etc., so I try to take her to a place where I know they’re not used. One thing I’ve noticed is that allowing her to eat grass regularly seems to reduce both the frequency and intensity of the “attacks”. I tried The Honest Kitchen Superfood Pour Overs, which have a fair amount of leafy greens as part of the mix, but she turns her nose up at it.

    With that in mind, actually, my girl tends to be quite a picky eater. I’m curious if any of y’all have any difficulty getting your dogs to eat. I have to use a topper (currently either Honest Foods bone broth, or low sodium canned salmon), otherwise she won’t touch her food until she’s famished. I recently recalled that this seemed to start around the time I switched her to Simparica Trio for heartworm prevention. I’d be interested to know what other folks are using for heartworm prevention, and whether it’s a chewable or topical.

Viewing 51 post (of 51 total)
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