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    Betsy P

    My senior Chi “swallows hard” while stretching out (lengthening) his neck, and licking the ait.
    My veterinarian has no diagnosis.
    It seems to mainly happen after his nightly meal… and like so many others have mentioned, there doesn’t seem to be a pattern, timewise, to know when to expect it to happen.
    Jack’s episodes are only occasional, and can last anywhere from 40 seconds, to several minutes.
    He has never done his hard-swallowing & licking at the vet’s office — but I have shown them a video of what he looks like when he’s doing it.
    I’m going to try a few of the suggested “remedies” to these symptoms, to see if any of them help Jack, to shorten/stop the attack of the gulps.
    Thanks, everyone — I never knew this was such a common occurrence in dogs. It makes me more at-ease, to know it may not be anything TOO major, for my senior furbaby.

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