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    Karisa K

    I have a 18 week old Siberian, pure bred, from
    Champion AKC lines & has had diarrhea since receiving him @ 9 weeks. Taking out stress, anxiety induced diarrhea from his travels,flight, separation from litter, the vet & a new home + tested for everything Vet placed him in RC High Energy Gastro Wet & worked. However, not sustainable & even tho Royal Canine is a vet brand & has been around there are so many more high quality, fewer ingredients + raw or other like Brands from Europe that have much higher food controls then US. Thought chicken, white meat allergy b/c of itching of ears/rears & tried Taste of Wild salmon puppy only fish, no chicken & that worked for 2 weeks then diarrhea again. No treats other than a split antler . which Breeder recommended. Yes, did boiled Turkey rice pumpkin & had added pumpkin supplement all along. Trying a new vet today. Only 2x has he become lethargic & did put weight on when on Taste of Wild but that now causes diarrhea. Also tried only filtered water. No difference. Have tried lamb too, nope.
    Was Wondering if any of you have experienced a protein intolerance above 30% ? Which is the protein % of RC. All others are much higher protein/fat to vegetable/fruit (fiber) ratios.
    Yes- did The prescription grade probiotics and prebiotic’s two rounds, raw goat milk, and also the traditional antibiotic anti-diarrhea protocol.

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