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    Deborah F

    I have a yellow lab that has textbook yeast problems – itchy, smelly feet, raw skin on her tummy. I have been looking for the best dog food to feed her without contributing carbohydrates or yeast ingredients. Any suggestions?

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    ZiwiPeak dehydrated raw, lamb formula. Best price and ingredients listed on Chewy.com. If not within your budget, just go through one 11 lb bag before you decide on the right kibble (I use Zignature Zssentials). Your current food should be stopped immediately so your pup can start healing right away. That’s what I did!

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    Wysong Epigen 90, if she can have chicken.

    Have you gotten an anti-fungal shampoo from the vet or another source? My pitbull has had yeast issues in the past, not as bad as your lab, but he has had yeast infections under his nail beds and most recently his ears. The anti-fungal shampoo from the vet has helped a lot, especially for his feet when we fill up a sweater storage container with water and the shampoo and do a foot soak. We also give him regular baths in it.

    Make sure, if she has yeast in the ears, that you are checking them regularly and using an earwash to clean them. Get the earwash all the way into the inner ear canal and fill up the whole ear and massage the earwash in and then let her shake her head. Use gauze to remove the debris in the outer ear canal (This is how my vet told me to clean my boys ears).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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