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    I was in a pet food store today and the owners gave me a free bag of this food. He said it was new and he wanted me to try it. I told him I didn’t feed kibble but he was insistent that I take it. I guess I will take it to the shelter or feed it to the feral cats behind our store. Has anyone heard of this food? The 1st 5 ingredients are Duck, Salmon Meal, sweet potatoes,lentils, chicken fat. It list 32% protein,18% fat,4%fiber. It is distributed by wild calling pet foods Greely,Co.

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    I have seen it and would try it some day – it is pretty pricy in my area, lucky you for getting it for free! The multi-protein one rates well – 5 stars. Used to be bagged and canned by Evanger’s, now only canned by them.

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    Bobby dog

    Hi weezerweeks & Naturella:
    I have never tried it, but might try a few of their dog and cat kibbles at some point. My pet store has carried Wild Calling since they began manufacturing it; must be a good seller for them. I think they are fairly new to making pet food.

    Evanger’s is a cannery. The last information I have on who manufactures Wild Calling’s canned is that Evanger’s makes it. My info is over a year old so this might have changed.

    According to a reply on Wild Calling’s facebook page dated August 19, 2014 from E.V.P. Jeremy Peterson, their kibble is manufactured by Day Six Pet Nutrition.

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    If Evangers makes Wild Calling, I won’t be using it.

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    Hi weezerweeks, Naturella, Bobby dog, and InkedMarie

    Totally off subject….. You all have pictures in your profile. How did you do that??? I can’t seem to figure it out. LOL!


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    Bobby dog

    I did this a while ago, but you go to Gravatar.com and register. You will find directions there about adding profile pictures to your account. Here’s a thread about it:


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    Thanks Bobby dog for the info! Ive been so busy lately, haven’t had too much time to get caught up on DFA! Hope all is well!

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