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    Tracy M


    I have a 70 lb White Boxer with skin issues.
    I have been feeding Frozen Raw and it has been costly.
    Can anyone recommend any advice on possibly doing both? Been stressful looking at kibble, as I don’t want high Carbs. I just lost my other Boxer to cancer, and I took them off kibble completely.

    Thank You for any input.

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    Regarding the skin issues, have you consulted a dermatologist?

    My dog with allergies does best on Nutrisca salmon and chickpea (no grains, no potato). But since receiving care by a specialist/dermatologist she can tolerate a variety of foods as her allergies are environmental. She had IDT (Intra Dermal Testing) and has responded well to ASIT (Allergen Specific Immunotherapy)
    Some info here: http://www.mspca.org/vet-services/angell-boston/dermatology/allergy-testing.html

    PS: I sometimes bathe her twice a week (approved by the specialist) with Malaseb or Antifungal dog shampoo by GNC I like the lavender smell.

    Check the search engine here /forums/search/allergies/
    I don’t agree with all of the opinions expressed. Hope this helps.
    More info here: http://www.allergydogcentral.com/category/symptoms/

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    Hi- Unfortuneatly, you are going to be fighting a lot of genetics with this as well. All white is not a standard color for boxers, however some people will try to breed them for that color sacrificing their skin health for the color. White Boxers are known for having a lot of issues with their skin. I would highly recommend a good dermatologist and start off with a consulation before you commit to any treatment. See what the dermatologist thinks is the best course of action, if the symptoms can even be managed.

    From dogtime.com: “White markings covering more than one third of the body is a disqualification in the show ring. That’s because excessive white markings in Boxers make them more susceptible to health conditions such as skin cancer and deafness. Reputable breeders don’t want to pass on those genes. In the past, breeders often euthanized white puppies at birth, but today most breeders place them in pet homes. While white Boxers can’t be shown in conformation and shouldn’t be bred, they can compete in obedience and agility, and of course, they still have the wonderful Boxer personality that makes them such great companions!”

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    Hi, I had a white boxer Angie, she just had a tan patch above her left eye, her skin was good, she ate home cooked mainly, so that’s probably why her skin was good, (no Kibble)
    Angie ended up having Mast Cell Tumor on the rump of her back leg & stomach, when she was about 9years old they were removed but they were high grade 2 cancer, broke my heart when I had to put her to sleep, she was a real lady & sooooo gentle….

    Origen or Acana Regional is suppose to be good, high protein & less carbs….
    I worry about the higher protein diets cause the fat % is normally high, that’s one thing my boxer didn’t do well on foods that were higher in fat… some boxer have a sensitive stomach…

    “Earthborn” Grain free kibble “Primitive Natural” has only 17.5% carbs….their Great Plains Feast has 25% carbs the Coastal Catch has 29% carbs the Guaranteed Analysis tells you the Carb %

    I was feeding raw for breakfast & kibble for dinner with the dog I have now, he’s eating
    cooked or wet tin for breakfast & kibble for dinner at the moment….

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    I’m going to address the raw food. If you still want to feed raw & like ground, you can save money by ordering from other places. Reel Raw Dog has free shipping; if you’re in the northeast, it’s free if you order 30lb, outside that area is free shipping on 50lb.

    Other places include Hare Today (my favorite & the owner is very helpful), My Pet Carnivore & Raw Feeding Miami. Even with shipping, it’s cheaper than what you’ve been buying.

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