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    We have 3 pitbull rescue dogs–two of our own and one foster. We recently noticed an increase in their food allergies (and yes, they are allergies with hives, swelling, skin lesions, induced secondary infections, congestion, and more) from commercial dog foods. One dog is so severe he has had to be put on steroids and an elimination diet.

    I found sources for what ingredients are safe for foods, and obviously this website has info on beneficial ingredients by extrapolation from the reviews.

    But where can we get the nutritional values that are accessible to dogs from these ingredients? Are caloric, vitamin, mineral, fiber, and other nutritional content in foods equally accessible to dogs as they are humans?

    What exactly are the nutritional requirements for dogs?

    Where can we find that info?

    Once we find out the allergies from the elimination process, we would like to either partially use limited ingredient commercial foods or supplements to make sure the dogs get what they needed. But without knowing the impact of the home prepped food we give them, we won’t know what they need.

    Suggestions or reference resources?


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