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    Ryan C

    Hi everyone,

    I’m new to the forum, I came across it when trying to find out if the puppy food we recently purchased was all that the bag said it was. We bought Purina beneful puppy food with soft morsels, and I’m sure you can imagine my horror when I found out that not only was the packaging less than honest about its nutritional content, but that it was downright bad for our dog!

    We adopted him at about 11 weeks, he’s now 6 months old, and we believe that he is a labrador/jack russell mix. He was always picky about his kibble – we started him on the kirkland dry puppy food, then went to Taste of the Wild, which he sort of ate, and then moved to Purina – which he seems to really enjoy. Problem is, it’s not good for him!

    I think the main reason he enjoys it is because it has softer bits in it, though that’s just a guess. So, my question is, what dry puppy food do you think would be the best fit for him? I’d like to find something that’s 4-or-5 stars, but nothing extraordinarily expensive. I was thinking about getting the Wellness Complete puppy recipe – it’s relatively affordable, and he went nuts over the Wellness salmon puppy treats, so I figured he would enjoy the same brand of kibble that’s also made with salmon.

    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Those soft bits are full of sugar, that’s why he likes them. I hate that some companies stoop this low to get dogs hooked on their food.

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    Just add a little bit of water to dry food. Let it sit for a few minutes, mix it up, and let him at it. I used to have to that for my 8 pound Jack Russell mix.

    If you want to go the grain inclusive Wellness route, the Complete Health Small and Toy Breed recipe is the best looking one, and super high in calories (meaning you feed even less than the others). It has a puppy counter part, as well, that is a bit lower in calories. I don’t know if the first one is All Life Stages or not. Thats now to say the rest of the Complete Heath recipes are bad foods, but those be my first pick of the Complete Health line. But I’d still go for the CORE recipes over the Complete Health ones. 🙂

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    I agree, it is probably the sugar in the Beneful that he likes. If you can, get him off of it ASAP. I would also go with the Wellness Core Puppy and see how he likes it. If he likes it softer, you can always top it with some canned, or add lukewarm water, let it sit for a few minutes, then mush it up and serve.

    Remember that rotation is always good, so you can try other puppy foods or all-life-stages foods from the link on the right on the homepage, Best Dry Foods (it has sub-links I believe, called “5-star dry puppy foods” and “4-Star Dry Puppy Foods”) and browse around. Some better kibbles that have been tried by forumers are Earthborn Holistic Grain Free (but the puppy grain-inclusive one is good too), Dr. Tim’s, Victor, Vets Choice Holistic Health Extension, and then the slightly more questionable Blue Buffalo Wilderness, TOTW, Canidae Pure.

    Good luck!

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    Well Pet makes Wellness & Holistic Select, the Holistic Select Grain free Puppy is suppost to be very good it has 4.5 stars, The Holistic Select Duck meal & Lamb meal is a hydrolized kibble so it goes nice & soft within 1 minute when you add a bit of water… I then quickly drain… They also have a good selection of wet & dry foods if you want to rotate between proteins… http://www.holisticselect.com/recipes.aspx?…

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