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    Carol D

    Help! My Bull Terrier has a sensitive stomach. She’s a rescue so I don’t know what kind of food she was on prior to our adopting her. She’s approximately 7 years old. I had her on Science Diet WD Prescription, at the suggestion of my vet, for over a year and quite frankly it worked well. That being said I really wanted to get her on a higher quality food and maybe even a little less expensive. I tried Natural Balance but she wouldn’t touch it so I weened her onto Nutro. Her poops are now a yellowish in color and very soft and she’s not going as much. She also doesn’t seem to love this food. She also licks her paws a lot. Sometimes to the point of not being able to walk. Needless to say, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars at the vet. I’m open to any ideas. Thanks, Carol

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    Please use the search engine above, toward the top of the page: look up sensitive stomach, allergies, etc.

    Also, consider what the homeopathic vets have to say http://www.vitalanimal.com
    link for a homemade diet http://www.homeovet.net/dynamic/php/downloads/dog-c8470f2c75dbe4b683205c3919ee2310/dog_diet_complete.pdf


    Also, I know you have been back and forth to the regular vet , but have you considered seeing a specialist? Sometimes it makes a big difference.

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    My dog also once had a sensitive stomach and couldnt handle change in food. I give him a digestive health supplement made by The Honest Kitchen in the morning and a probiotic (kefir, you can use yogurt as well) with his dinner. I do it for the cat too. Now he’s able to eat a different food every bag without blending his food and no upset stomach.

    Btw, I have an American Staffordshire Terrier. Not exactly the same as a Bull Terrier, but sometimes still considered similar.

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    Hi I was going to try the vet diet Hills WD cause the fat is only 8.7%, when you look at the fiber the Crude Fiber-16.4% soluble-1.3% insoluble-28.1% its very high in Insoluble fiber, so if she does really good on the Hills WD diet you may need to try a weight management kibble as some are low in fat & high in insoluble fiber…… She may have problems with digesting her food, like my boy does, he also was a rescue & finally we found he has the Helicobacter infection which causes very bad acid reflux & the Helicobacter is very very hard to kill, you get rid of the Helicobacter with triple therapy antibiotics & it comes back 1-2 months later a nightmare…. So I have just found out that he does better on a diet that had more insoluble fiber as insoluble fiber passes the stomach & doesn’t sit in the stomach like soluble fiber does…
    Have u tried the Wellness Small Breed Healthy Weight Patch loves it or the Wellness Core Reduced fat the fiber is very high in the Wellness Core reduced Fat… I’d email Wellness & ask them for the crude fiber % the Insoluble fiber % & the Soluble% & try & get as close as you can to the WD vet diets fibers %

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