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    I am going grocery shopping for my two dogs for the first time (the first time beyond just buying kibble) and I need a simple list of what veggies and fruits they can and cannot eat.


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    The only fruits I add are high antioxidant fruits, because I don’t want to add a bunch of sugar to their diets and for the same reason I use low starch veggies, mostly leafy dark greens and brightly colored veggies. Don’t give grapes and raisens and don’t give onions.

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    I’ve been buying baby food fruit & veggie blend pouches, suggested by HDM, only because I’m too lazy to blanche or puree or whatever you have to do to the veggies before you give them to your dog. Bailey won’t eat apples, or carrots or broccoli if I just hand them to her, but she LOVES the baby food stuff I squirt into her food. I give her one pouch in her food every couple of days. I don’t believe there is any added sugar or anything either. SO easy! I’m all about easy! 😀

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    I keep things like that on hand for when I’m lazy, but right now I have about 5 lbs of veggie ice cubes prepared in the freezer. I pull them out and throw them in the food bowls.

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    Hello everyone I’m a Canine Chef if anyone would like any advice.

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    Grapes and onions are the only ones I can think of to avoid. Then of course try to avoid seeds/pits. I’d agree w Patty – try to stick with things that are high in nutrients. Might be good to avoid tomatoes, many dogs are sensitive to them.

    I honestly don’t add much to my dogs’ kibble, but every summer, the dogs get all the apples they want (assuming the cow doesn’t gobble them up first!), and they get veggie leftovers. If you have picky eaters, pureeing them might help. Freezing would be good if you want to stock up when produce is on sale. One of my boys is EXTRA picky about what goes in his mouth, so if I got him started on veggies, I’d probably add a bit of home made chicken stock to hide the icky healthy taste ;D

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    I’ve just written an article about this very subject on my FB page.Queeniechi Says Cook. Here’s the link if you want to see the what dogs can & can not eat.http://bit.ly/DOGGYDINDINS

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