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    Where are you from? & what type of dogs do you own?
    I live Australia, Newcastle, & I own a 5yr old English Staffordshire Terrier & a 12yr old Main coon cat…

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    Sooooo awesome that you’re from Australia!!! I’ve always wanted to go there!!!!! πŸ˜€

    I’m on the Oregon coast (west USA). I have 3 dogs:
    Cassy, 1/2 Lab 1/2 GSD (since the mother’s GSD didn’t show up in appearance, we just call her a lab), she’s 12
     photo image_zpsdcbc4750.jpg

    Shasta (left) is a 6yr mutt. His dad was a lab/wolf, and his mom had some of everything. I know he has some hound and possibly border collie (he’s smart as a whip and has a great big sorrowful “bail”)
    Loki (right) is a 3-4yr Kelpie/Aussie.
     photo image_zpsc1840923.jpg

    Then I have cats, chickens, ducks, a miniature pony, and my biggest puppy-dog, Inigo Montoya (he’s about 15mo), a Holstein steer. Nope! He is NOT beef! He’s my lawn-mower, companion, and future mount πŸ™‚
     photo image_zps751adb74.jpg

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    Florida. And we have 2 horses, 1 mini, 4 goats, 35 chickens, 3 cats, 3 dogs(2 Border Collies, 1 Jack Russell Terrier), 1 guinea pig, 1 ferret, 1 cockatiel, 1 yellow nape Amazon, 1 calf(beef), and innumerable fish. I hope I haven’t forgotten anybody…

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    Harpers Mom

    Florida, we have 2 horse, 4 dogs (one English bull terrier, one Bichon, one corgi mix and a sheltie mix) 1 cat and 1 gerbil.

    Patty, I thought I had a zoo!

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    I was born in NYC. Lived in L.A., New Jersey, San Francisco and Carmel California. Cape Cod Massachusetts, and now Atlanta, Ga. Do I like to move a lot? Yep! Got that from my dad. I’ve also lived in multiple homes in all the different states that I’ve lived. I have a fabulous husband, and presently am the proud “mom” to three fur babies. Hannah 14 1/2 year old Maltese, Katie 4 1/2 year old Maltipoo and Lola 4 1/2 year old Yorkipoo. All are the loves of my life. Hee Hee! That includes dear old hubby.

    Hey, theBCnut. Years ago I had a yellow napes Amazon her name was Cleo. Loved her to pieces. Really interesting bird. Incredibly intelligent too. My son used to have two ferrets. Tons of fish, at one point we had six aquariums and two ponds going at the same time (we had so many funerals). We had iguanas. When they died he insisted that we do the whole Egyptian mummified type burial. Gerbils, hermit crabs. At some point I used to kid that we had to move because we outgrew our backyard cemetery. I have Cleo’s (yellow napped Amazon) ashes as well as all our other deceased dogs. The deal is (and we have it in writing) that when the time comes all our ashes are to be mixed together and scattered on the Cape Cod Bay where at some point we’ll all be together again. Faith, gotta have it. You never know. Anyway that’s our story.

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    Harper’s Mom and Dori

    You wouldn’t believe how much I’ve cut back… There aren’t very many types of pets that I haven’t had.

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    Patty, so awesome you’ve had so many! I’ve always wanted some sort of exotic pet. I used to own parakeets, but they’d all live about 6-12mo and die a weird unknown death. I think I know why, but I’m done with birds for now. Then I have some fish that I forgot to mention ;D
    So how many acres are you on, then? Right now, we’re on 5 (although the area we live in, there’s a saying: “you walk uphill to school, and uphill home”. couldn’t be more true!) acres, but it’s all fairly rough terrain, so we only have about 3 usable acres.

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    I am originally from Bulgaria, in Eastern Europe. Came to the US (Georgia) on my own at age 18 in 2007 to go to college, and I have been here since. My man’s parents are from Barbados, but he was born in NYC and raised (from age 5 on) in Washington State. He really misses the West Coast, so we have decided to see if we can find promising career opportunities there when we graduate one day.

    Anyway, when I was young, I had a min pin for about 2 weeks before Dad officially couldn’t stand it and gave her away. I have had 2 hedgehogs for small amounts of time; a poor rabbit that I played too rough with (looking back on it); 2 hamsters, but eventually we gave one away and I had the other one for a few years till she died, she was my “real” pet. I have fed, vetted, walked, and taken care of a few stray cats and dogs, who were never allowed inside, so they weren’t really “mine”. Of them, 2 cats and one dog stand out – I was most attached to them.

    Now, we own an approximately 1-year-old Rat Terrier mix, possibly a Jack Russell in him, or Chihuahua, although I am not so sure about the latter. His name is Bruno and we love him to bits. πŸ™‚

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    Colorado now. I was born in Minnesota where I lived until I was 5, moved to Wisconsin for 10 years, now colorado for the last 13. Always grew up with rough collies and golden retrievers, some others here and there. Lots of barn cats. Goats, chickens, horses. Raised and showed rabbits for 10 years.

    After the bigger dogs, somehow I have changed gears. I have a mini schnauzer named liesl (rescue, abused dog, sweet thing) almost 5. I’m watching my sisters westie, willoughby (2.5) while she’s abroad, and then my sheltie, dani, is 7mos. I also have a 5 year old cat, shinku.

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    Ontario. We have 2 horses, 2 cats, a 10 1/2 year old adopted JRT, an 18 month old very high strung JRT and now a 9 month old lab pup. We used to have Siberian Huskies and added in our first JRT. She was a sweet heart and apparently give us the JRT bug.

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    Hi Shasta
    We have 10 acres. All flat.

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    Central NJ here. Family pets have been assorted mice, hamsters, a huge black rat, hermit crabs, many cats, a Shepard/Collie mix (passed at 23yo), an obnoxious Cocker Spanial (didn’t know what she was as I found her in a dumpster so matted I guessed it was a dog) she passed at approx 17yo, a witch Quarter Horse who was my bread & butter as a teen doing rodeos in Texas, and a 6ft Pine Snake.

    Currently just a soon to be 5yo XL retired racer Greyhound now called Harry. Sunday was his 2nd Gotcha Day with us.

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    I live in good old Northeast Ohio. Where the weather SUCKS! I was born here in Ohio, moved to New Jersey when I was not even a year old, lived there til I was 13 and then moved back to Ohio. So exciting, lol! I would LOVE to move someplace where the weather is better, not necessarily hot all the time, but somewhere in the middle. I HATE these Cleveland winters!!

    I currently have just my Bailey. She is a rescued Border Collie/Pit bull mix. At one time I had my doberman Moose, my 2 cats Casey & Simon, my cockatiel Sammy, my snake Lacie and my 2 ferrets Tigger and Pooh. They have all since passed. πŸ™ Now it’s just me and my Bailey.

    Happy “Gotcha Day” Harry! πŸ™‚ Bailey’s 1 year Gotcha Day was in January.

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    New Hampshire here. (Born & raised outside Buffalo ny). The dogs are my profile pic here. Gemma is the sheltie, Boone is the pbgv & Ginger is the Brittany.

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    I was born and raised in South Florida. I lived there until February of this year when I moved to Central Florida. Now I live in Apopka, FL. I have one dog, Max, who is an almost 8 year old Great Dane (see profile pic).

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    jakes mom

    Born in California, raised in RI, now in Ohio. Right now I have 5 cats (all strays, your basic domestics, one longhair 18yo and 4 shorthairs btwn 12 and 14 yo). Also have a 10yo beagle basset mix. Had a bunch of misc critters growing up, dogs, parakeets, turtles,fish,hamsters. No cats, tho…my Mom hated cats. I’m making up for it now I guess!

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    New York here, 15 dogs, several stray cats, 2 horses, a bunch of miniature goats(African pygmy and Nigerian dwarf) 2 parakeets(14 yrs old) and 2 sheep. All pets, no one is getting eaten, lol. Dogs are from 1 yr old(my bulldog) to the oldest at 15 yrs, 6mths(schnauzer) and different breeds and ages in between. We rescue and foster so frequently have others coming and going from time to time.

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    Hi Melissa, where in New York? I’m thrilled to here “no one is getting eaten”. Thank goodness. Love the work you do and it’s wonderful to have people out in the world like you. Thank you for all you do.

    I don’t know if I’ve ever taken a moment to thank you, I know I have meant to for quite some time.

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    Hi all! I was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. I met my husband there (he’s from Charleston, W.Va.) when he came to work for the Indiana Pacers NBA team. I was a cheerleader for them lol. After we married, we moved to Cincinnati, Ohio because my husband got a job for the Cincy Reds. He no longer works for them, though. We’ve lived here all our married life (32 years in June!). We have 3 human kids, and 2 grandkids. As for furkids, I have 5….1 mixed breed (Poodle, French Brittany, Chihuahua), Lucy Mae. Three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, a Blenheim – Rupert William, a Ruby – Laverne Marie, a Black and Tan – Hazel Louise. I also have a Tortoise Shell cat named Princess Di. Two of my Cavs are Therapy Dogs….with plans, after some training, of Rupert becoming one, too. πŸ™‚

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    Isabel P

    I was born in Colombia, but have lived in South Florida the majority of my life. I presently have 3 dogs: Candy- pit bull/ american bulldog (5); JJ- pit bull mix (7) and Manimotique- pug (4 yrs old.)

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    I am in Upstate NY on 5 acres of land, with just under an acre fenced for the dogs play yard. No need to Thank me-we love animals and enjoy helping when we can. We have a special place in our hearts for special needs and the elderly, and so the Herd contain a myriad of special needs. The only down side is that everyone has a limit, and once that is reached, you can’t offer sanctuary to others until one passes.

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    Los Angeles County πŸ™‚

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    Pasadena, Maryland

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    Hi kvee

    I grew up in Whittier, but I’ve been out of there for a long, long time now.

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    Oh boy, you asked for it!

    I live in an in between area of Florida. We aren’t South, we aren’t Central. We’re kind west-ish, if you don’t count the Panhandle being more wester (shut up, its a word!). Just about 15 from the nearest coast, and lots of water ways running through. Of course the whole place has been ruined by development because its a popular place for all the dang snow birds to come and hand out/retire to, but if you drive far enough, there are private ranches, houses on acreage, and state parks.

    I’ve got quite the zoo going.

    Dogs and Cats:
    -Haley: 11 year old lab/golden retriever mix
    -Dweezle: 10 year old rotti/australian shepherd mix
    -Bentley: 1.5 year old Jack Russell/maltese mix (not actually mine– he’s moms)
    -Kitty (AKA Gary): ~1 year old, picked up as a stray. Looks like a Main coon mix.

    -Rex: 4 year old Mali Uromastyx, currently about 9 inches, and still growing (Google it!)
    -Amelia: 3 year old Dreamsicle Leopard Gecko, fully grown at 9 1/4 inches
    -Rowan: 2 year old Snow Leopard Gecko, fully grown at 8 1/2 inches
    -Raven: 1 year old Giant Hypo Tangerine Leopard Gecko, still growing at about 10 inches

    -150 gallon pond:
    ~~Feebas: 10 inch common goldfish
    ~~Spotty: 5 inch Common Goldfish
    ~~Changey: 4 inch Comet Goldfish
    ~~(No name): 6 inch Shubunkin Goldfish

    -125 gallon pond:
    ~~Bruce (Wayne): 9 inch Fantail Goldfish
    ~~Optimus (Prime): 5 inch Ryukin/Fantail/Oranda mix Goldfish
    ~~Luna: 7 inch Black Moor Goldfish
    ~~Milotic: 8 inch Shubunkin Goldfish
    ~~Gimpy: 5 inch Comet Goldfish (missing dorsal fin)
    ****(Milotic will be joining Feebas and the other single tailed goldies in time. He’s just hard to catch LOL But everyone is small enough now where it the number of fish isn’t a problem)****

    -50 gallon fish tank:
    ~~Pudge: 5 inch Oranda goldfish
    ~~Hans: 3 inch Fantain Goldfish
    ~~”The Telescope”: 8 inch Telescope Goldfish (missing an eye)
    ~~(no name yet): 3 inch Ranchu goldfish
    ~~3x Platies (1 male, 2 female)
    ~~3x Florida Swamp Darters (very cool little guys!)
    ~~1x Goldspot Sailfin Pleco, currently about 6 inches (still about 4 more to go!)
    ****(NOTE: This tank is horribly overstocked, but I have a certain look in mind, and am growing the goldfish out before weeding them out to just 2 or 3– unless I get a larger tank in the future. All goldfish lengths also include the tail, so they aren’t actually *that* big. Its also very over filtered.)****

    -30 gallon:
    ~~10x Neon Tetras
    ~~3x Guppies (1 male, 2 female)
    ~~1x Longfinned Albino Bristlenose Pleco, male
    ~~1x Albino Bristlenose Pleco, female
    ~~3x Florida Swamp Darters
    ~~1x German Blue Ram, male

    -6 gallon bowfront #1:
    ~~Ume (“oo-may”): Male purple veiltail betta
    ~~Astro: male blue veiltail betta

    -6 gallon bowfront #2:
    ~~Kai (“ky”): male red and black delta tail betta
    ~~(no name): male “black orchid” dragon scale delta tail betta

    I’ve also had rabbits, chickens, hermit crabs, numerous other kinds of fish… I’m sure I’m leaving something out LOL

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    I LOVE making up words, so I’ll definitely let you keep “more wester.”

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    Oh good LOL I’m full of made up words, so it’s not the last you’ll hear :p

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    Zanes Mom

    Born in Indiana. Have lived in Ohio, Maryland, Paris, Virginia, Georgia, and now divide time between our home in Florida and vacation home on Virginia’s Northern Neck ( think Chesapeake Bay). Is that a reverse snowbird?
    I have raised sheep, cattle, dairy goats, chickens and quarter horses. Furry family members I have loved include a Border collie, JRTs, GSD, too many cats to count, and Bullmastiffs. My husband and I currently have a 17 month old Bullmastiff that is the love of our lives although I have been heard to mutter ” he is going to be the death of me.”

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    So fun reading where everyone is from and I am delighted to know that so many kind, compassionate people are living around the world!

    I am a lifelong Kansas City, Missourian and still just have our 11 m/o Lhasa-mix Molly that so many of you have helped me with!!!

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    Florire S

    Gloucester, Massachusetts

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    Oh hey BCNut

    I did my lower division college work at Rio Hondo College in Whittier before transferring to a 4-year uni. So, while I was going to school there, I spent a lot of time in DT Whittier meeting up for school projects and such.


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    My niece, who grew up in Placentia and Tustin, went to my old elementry school in Whittier that was turned into a chiropractic college. Life is weird.

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    Suburban Gal

    I’m in the United Stated, NE IL. Northern suburbs of Chicago to be exact.

    I have one dog, a 7-year-old classic tri-color papillon named Gizmo.

    My other pets include a couple of cockatiels and a male betta.

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    Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago IL. Currently have one dog, Lexington or Lexi for short. She’s a 2 yr old Lab mix. According to the doggie DNA tests she is mostly Lab with some Staffordshire Terrier and Rat Terrier. Adopted her from a local rescue group. We do nose work and she has her NW1 title and received the Harry Award. The Harry Award is given to the most outstanding rescue dog that demonstrates extraordinary ability and spirit in nose work at the NW1 level. So proud of her! We are soooo ready for our NW2, just keep getting wait listed in all of the trials I enter because there are so many entries! Gotta keep trying.

    How do you add a picture to your profile? I need to get my baby’s picture on here. I love looking at everyone’s pictures and know that all of these pups are being taken care of so well!

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