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    Hey guys-

    Have a question for you. In your opinion, what is more important with a rotational diet if you feed both kibble and wet…keeping the kibbles high quality or keeping the canned foods high quality or both high quality?

    Im trying to find more ways to stay budget friendly without completely going to the dark side of bad dog foods so Im curious as to what you all think is more important quality wise

    Any responses are welcome!

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    I just keep the protein at a minimum amount. I can use a 3-4 star kibble (with few red ingredients) but top it with a 5 star wet food to keep the final protein amount where I like it. Or if I use a high protein kibble, I use less wet food on top. For me, I keep the protein over 30%. But also as part of my rotation, I vary that amount. Sometimes they might eat 30% protein, sometimes they eat 100% meat/bones.

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    The only way my dog will eat is if I put the wet down first and then sprinkle the dry on top. I’ve been using both high protein dry and wet (he actually lost 2 pounds randomly wasnt intended).

    Ive just been using 5 star quality kibbles and 4-5 star canned and its busting my wallet so Im trying to see if I dont really NEED to do that.

    Right now for dry I have Fromm Four Star Nutrionals and Pure Balance Bison and I also have some THK Beef dhydrated raw. I switch between those right now for variety.
    I usually have an assortment of canned foods also for variety but right now Im down to just the 4Health and Pure Balance.

    He gets a can of wet and now a cup of dry on top since he lost weight when I was feeding half a cup and he was already at his ideal weight. Dont want him to get too skinny.

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    I keep both high quality. Minimal red ingredients is huge, and then protein levels. With Liesl, who has some allergies, she gets 50% dry and 50% wet. Dani is more 75% Dry and 25% Wet, because she can eat much higher protein kibbles. Liesl’s kibbles that she can eat are more in the 27-30% range, so I supplement with a lot more wet food. Dani is really more like 35-45% protein for her kibble

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    Aquariangt- My kittens name is Dani thats cute! lol As for Bentley my pit he does well with high protein. He is insanely muscular but has not had any skeletal development issues. Thank god because he was eating Blue Buffalo during his critical growth period.

    I could never bring myself to feed him something like Purina or Pedigree Im just wondering if something like Pure Balance with 30% protein would be ok because its pretty cheap. I can buy that whenever Im hard on money and still get him good wet food.

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    Hi Pitlove-

    I think using a 3.5 to 4 star kibble with minimal red ingredients, but may have a little less protein is fine when you are adding a 5 star budget canned food to boost up the protein and moisture content of the meal. You can also add egg, sardines or left overs to a 4 star kibble to bump up the protein and add valuable fresh nutrients to the meal at a reasonable price.

    The only 5-star dry food that I have found in my “network” is Victor grain free. The only other time I feed a 5 star food is if I can find one on sale or with a coupon. Otherwise, I feed a 4 star. Remember, even 5 star kibble is over processed food that isn’t even that great for them anyway!

    Your dog is lucky he has such a conscientious owner!

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    Thanks C4C! I work myself into anxiety over making sure he’s getting the best (the cat too of course). I feel a lot better about feeding a lower protein dry now that I know I can supplement with the high protein in the canned food. Didnt think about it like that before!

    I have so many foods for him right now its really nice. 4Health and Pure Balance canned. Fromm Four Star GF, Pure Balance and some samples of Precise Holisitic Complete for dry and THK dehydrated raw. He had THK this morning and really liked it. He also got a sample of raw food from this store we went to yesterday and had that mixed in with his canned last night with no dry! he LOVED it! and great poops this morning too 😀

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    Glad I could help. The most important thing that we all need to remember is that they have a loving home, some exercise and consistent meals everyday! Good poops are always a good thing too. LOL!

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    I do love good poops rofl and yes that is very true. We do try to spoil him as much as we can without going too far and making sure that we spoil him in ways that are healthy for him.

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    Alex p

    By varying protein sources and adding variety to your pet’s diet, you’ll be providing a more diverse and complete micro-nutrient intake that will benefi t your cat or dog’s health – immediately and for years to come.

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