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    Hello peeps,

    I have my dog on a home prepared raw det and am interested in opinions. I don’t want to overcomplicate yet don’t want anything missing either.

    So her core diet is made of about 60% meat. She gets fish (typically pollock or basa due to economy four to five days and lean beef two to three days.

    Every day for the other 40% she gets about and even split between beef organ meat made up of liver, lung, heart, and green tripe, and beef rib bones.

    Every other day she gets a raw egg mixed in, and on opposite days she gets a few whole sardines (frozen, thawed) I also mix a bit of cooked sweet potato each day – no t much, but just to provide a bit of fibre.

    She is allergic to both chicken and pork.

    Any feedback and opinions are appreciated, thank you so much!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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