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    Constance B

    Hi, New to forum…Need help…We bought a 4month old Corgi that was being fed Kibbles and Bits..I was not fond of that Dog Food!!!! My pup began having loose BM…We had his stools checked 3 times, each time they were clear….
    I should mention that he is a food “inhaler” we have tried two different bowls with “slow downs” in them…plus feeding in muffin pan…Hand feeding…Nothing works..I was fearful of bloating from the things I read……Vet again: She recommended Fromms Gold puppy food…Smaller portions per meal…That was fine for a day or two…He then began to throw up clear liquid after meals….Back to vet…She changed him again To Adult Fromms WhiteFish& Potatoe formula….Plus 1/2 table of pepcid…That seemed to help…Though I am after talking to vet taking him off Pepcid to see if the clear vomiting is gone, or re occurs….
    These past couple of days he has been very sleepy, spending much time in his crate with door open…Not sure he is getting the proper nutrients from the adult Fromms…He will be 7 months olds on Dec. 3 and weighs 20.6 pounds…Not sure if this is proper weight as he doesn’t seemed to have gained a lot since we bought him ……I’m so confused by the lists of dog foods…I like the idea of Fromms as its right here in Wisconsin where I live…ingrediants seem stable….BUT should my pup be eating adult food..Are there nutrients he is missing by not eating puppy food..If so which one..I’m ready to cry…I see him in his crate and no that some thing is wrong….many trips to vet which we are very pleased with provides no answers….Any suggestions would be appreciated…At a loss to get him to stop inhaling his food…Never had to do that as a pup I was told…So I’m at a loss….Help!!

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    Corgies are not known to be very bloat prone, so don’t worry about that. Fromm is a good food, but some of their formulas are a bit low on protein, and if this is a food intolerance problem, they all have a lot of the same ingredients. If the food is an All Life Stages food, then it is a puppy food, as well as every other life stage, so look at the nutritional adequacy statement and relieve that fear too.

    If I was you, I would get small bags of a few different foods, like Nature’s Logic, Nature’s Variety Instinct, Victor, Earthborn, Canine Caviar, and try them one after another and take notes on how he does on each of them.

    One way to slow a fast eater is to get rid of the bowl all together and just throw a handful of kibble on the flood scattered, so he has to pick up one piece at a time. Or feed him out of a Kong Wobbler or another puzzle toy, so he has to work for his food. For some dogs, adding a good amount of water slows them down, and you have the added bonus of knowing that they are going to be well hydrated.

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    BCN gave you some good advice, a couple things to add:

    The Fromm 4 Star line is all life stages, so you don’t have to worry about the whitefish and potato (other than the fact that it is about the lowest protein food Fromm offers)

    Try this out for slowing down the eating:

    I can’t say enough good things about Kyjen’s slow bowls. They also have “Mini” ones that are smaller and cheaper for dogs like a corgi that don’t need a ton of food.

    Try alternating around in the 4 star line and see if another food helps. Or, try out some limited ingredient diets and start checking off what works and what doesn’t. BCN is correct in that a lot of Fromm has similar ingredients, even among the different blends. If I was going to pick up a bag to start off with, I would grab the Game Bird or Surf and Turf. Good luck

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    I second those bowls, aquariangt, I have two of them!

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    Hi Constance, something is wrong with ur boy…
    when he was on the Pepcid it helped him then I’d put him back on it even if its just for 1 month…
    Maybe try home cooked meals
    boil some chicken breast & some pumkin dont add tooo much pumkin about 1 spoon to a medium size meal mixed with some boiled white rice I put the chicken & pumkin in a blender & munch up then I’d add some rice leave him on this diet for about 1-2 weeks he wont get ill from not being on a proper balanced diet, in such a short time but his stomach & bowel will have a rest for a couple of weeks… you should start to see him getting & feeling better from just feeding him the boiled chicken & rice if he starts to feel & get better, maybe he cant stomach Kibbles or hard kibbles or kibbles too high in fat% ??
    I found grainfree kibbles with potato are harder kibbles & if he’s gulping his food he’s probably not chewing the kibble & its sitting in his stomach,
    my boy cant stomach real hard kibbles he’s on a vet diet Eukanuba Intestinal Low Residue kibble this digest real easy so easier on the stomach & bowel, when you cook you can freeze little section meals for a fortnight, also have you tried wet tin food instead of kibble…. if you look for a wet tin food try & find one where the fat% is lower around 1-2% fat… Wellness Small Breed makes some lower fat wet foods called Petite Entree’s the mini fillets have less fat at 2% ..there’d be other lower fat wet foods you could try if you didnt want to cook, but it works out cheaper cooking & you know what he’s eating..

    What was the fat% in his kibble & bits that he was eating & was he doing good on that or was he sick & had diarrhea on his old kibble, if he was doing good on his old kibble have a look at the protein% & fat% & try & get another kibble with similar amounts of fat% & Protein % & see how he does thats if you want him to stay on a kibble..

    With gulping food I only put so much food in bowl at a time..just now Patch had his breakfast boiled chicken & Pumkin so I just add 1 spoon in his bowl put the bowl on the floor then pick up the bowl add another spoon of the mushed up chicken & pumkin tell him to sit put bowl on the floor this way they are slowley eating its time consuming but it stops them gulping air that can cause pain & burps I found….
    When he’s starts to gulp I stop feeding him & tell him No eat Slowley, in time he should start to slow down a bit….it slows them down it may take 5mins but you know that they have chewed their food & not swollowed a heap of air..

    Have you tried soaking his kibble in water for about 1 min then drain water so the kibble is
    a bit soft a good kibble should be soft after soaking for 1-2 mins Kibbles with Potatos are harder.. if he swollows a whole kibble without chewing, its partley digested if its been soaked in water..
    thats why soft wet food is better as these kibbles would be just sitting in his stomach whole cause he hasnt chewed them..
    I feed chicken & Pumkin for breakfast, for lunch & dinner I do soft kibble 3-4 smaller meals a day is better this way there’s less to digest if he’s gulping all his kibble..

    just see if this makes him feel better on a cooked diet for a couple of weeks & more smaller meals a day & give him his pepcid 1/2 hour before a meal, like the vet recommended a day..

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    Constance B

    Thank You for all your suggestions….I will try them and let you know how Teddy is doing.
    While looking through the site I read that Wellness Puppy Food has a 5 star rating…Though I will try the chicken and Rice to settle his tummy and intestines..I think that is a good idea, especially with the lethargic behavior of the past couple of days…
    On the upside my hubby took him out a little bit ago and Teddy wanted to play in the snow. He let him play for awhile and he seems a bit more alert and is playing on his bed with his toys… 🙂 That is good to see…
    Again Thank You I will keep you updated.

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    There’s even the “Holistic Select’ Grain free Puppy/Adult, Salmon, Anchovy & Sardine meal recipe, that has 5 Stars ….Wellpet makes Wellness, Holistic Select & Eagle Pack……… Holistic Select Salmon, Anchovy & Sardine meal Grainfree Puppy/Adult has the least amount of fat% it only has 13% fat, & its easy to digest….where the Wellness kibbles have 17%-18% in fat..this could be the reasons Teddy is unwell with Stomach Acid, high fat diets can give stomach acid, the body makes more acid to break down the fat & Teddy is not use to the higher fat diet…here’s the “Holistic Select” link to have a look the Holistic Select Grainfree Puppy/Adult…….Holistic Select has a grain kibble Anchovy, Sardine & Chicken meal with rice & oatmeal but the fat% is high at 17% like the Wellness Kibbles, I’d try a kibble with less fat%, after feeding Teddy the Chicken & Rice for over 1 week then see how Teddy does on a kibble with less fat%. also all the Wellpet foods are Guaranteed money back, so if they cause diarrhea vomiting etc you can take back for a refund or exchange for another food….

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    Prince R

    its a very good forum to discuses the feed off our loving Dogs….

    Raja PriNce

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