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    Christy H

    Please help me. I have a 3 year old corgi/westie mix. She was diagnosed with an ulcer about a year ago from eating foreign objects. At that time she was vomiting deeply from her small intestine. We got her through that episode. The last couple of weeks, she has not been eating well. Monday night she vomited all night. I took her to the vet on Tuessday. He prescribed some drugs and gave her a vomiting shot. She was still vomiting on Wednesday. I spoke with him over the phone and he felt that if I could get some food in her she could probably get better. She was not better on Thursday, so I took her back in. By then she was dehydrated. He was suspecting her ulcer had flared back up or pancreatitis. Her blood sugar was only slightly elevated. Everything else in her bloodwork was normal. She stayed with him for 2 days on IVs. She finally ate Friday night and I brought her home yesterday (Saturday.) He really feels that her ulcer is the problem. He sent her home with Hills ID and a drug to give her 40 minutes before she eats. It is supposed to coat her stomach. She held down her first meal yesterday, but lost all of her 2nd meal during the night.
    I don’t like Science Diet, but at this point I feel I have to give these cans to her. She normally eats 4 Health. She has had some treats recently that I am concerned about: Full Moon Chicken Jerky and Honest Kitchen Catfish Skins. The vet told me to throw both of them away. Done.
    Does anyone have any similar experience or any advice on how to get us through this?

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    Wysong has a prescription food that your vet may approve of. Make sure she is getting adequate fluids, maybe add a little to her meals.
    I would continue to work with your veterinarian, however, I may be inclined to consult an Internal Medicine Specialist if I didn’t see improvement and stabilization soon.
    PS: I’m assuming she’s had x-rays to rule out an obstruction of some sort.

    If she continues to vomit and is unable to keep anything down this weekend, your vet may instruct you to go to the emergency vet for subq fluids to avoid dehydration. Plus, they usually do good diagnostic work in those places.

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    Hi have you tried cooking her meals low fat meals, lean white meat like chicken breast or turkey breast is best… I look at the ingredients in the prescription food & take a few of the ingredients & buy then cook, with the chicken breast remove any fat & cut into small pieces add water & bring to the boil as soon as it starts to boil remove from stove so the chicken is soft & not over cooked like hard leather pieces, there will be white froth on top, I empty all water & boil the jug & add boiling water to the chicken pieces to wash away any fat, I cool then I put thru a blender & freeze little 1/2 cup meals, the blended chicken pieces easier to digest… With the Hills I/d wet it has rice, so boil some rice or sweet potatoes & mix with the blended chicken or Turkey breast, are you feeding the Hills I/d Low Fat restore GI wet tin food this has only 8.5% fat or the I/d Gastro wet tin food has about 14.3% fat, the fat may be too high if she’s eating the I/d Gastro….. also egg, scrabble a egg, no milk just cook beaten egg in a non stick pan or cook in micro wave, some people scramble the egg whites as the yoke has the fat, also feed 4 smaller meals thru the day, Sounds like your vet has prescribed Carafate to line the stomach, if it is Carafate make sure the stomach is empty as the Carafate lines whatever is in the stomach… The vet should of put her on an ant acid med like Ranitidine (Zantac) or Famotidine (Pepcid) to stop the stomach acid burning her ulcer ask vet why he hasn’t prescribe some Zantac or Pepcid this will help more then the Carafate….
    My boy was prescribed Carafate to be taken 1 hour before breakfast 6am & the Zantac to be taken 30mins before breakfast 6.30am, then 7am he ate meal, I was to give the Carafate & Zantac every 12 hours…. so he was eating 7am 12pm 5pm & 7pm, his meal 7am & 7pm was a bit bigger when he took meds….
    I would be having an Endoscope done & Biopsies to see what’s wrong.. make sure she’s eating a low fat diet, high fat makes more stomach acid, then she’ll have her pain, vomiting etc no Jerky or fish skins nothing that is hard to digest, make some pumkin & oatmeal cookies there’s a heap of dog cookies recipes on line, less ingredients is best….

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