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    A recap. Gemma is almost ten, we got her in January. She came to us toothless. She was fed The Honest Kitchen with Darwin’s. Two or three weeks after we to her, she got “stopped up”. Had to go to vets where he got an enema. The Darwin’s had larger pieces of bone, we didn’t know exactly what caused the issue but we bought Bravo Balance that has smaller pieces.
    I had grinds from Hare Today for the other dogs….in talking with Hare, she advised me that Gemma probably needs more meat. No more THK, we started adding some Hare to the Bravo.
    She has trouble pooping, now she goes one little poop every other day. I realize that raw fed dogs don’t always go daily but I’m not anxious to repeat her being stopped again. I called Bravo, was told the Balance is 10% organ, 15% veggies….of the rest, 60% is meat and 40% is bone. Too much bone for Gemma. She’s off the Balance now, going on all Hare, both bone in and bone less.
    Can’t just be easy, eh?

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    Not a bit.

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    Lets just hope when the kibble is gone for the other to that they don’t have these problems!

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    Hound Dog Mom

    All dogs (even raw fed) should poop at least once a day. My dogs have been on raw for almost two years and all three poop once or twice a day. Hopefully her stool issues clear up once she gets uses to her new raw diet.

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    Thanks HDM. I can be ith occ not pooping but not a regular thing. Lets hope this works!

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