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    Lisa F

    My 2 year old, 14lb mix of shi Tzu, Llasa, and Maltese keeps getting recurring gastritis. I have started her on probiotics and enzymes, however, I keep getting conflicting opinions on the type of food to feed her. Right now she is on Wellness Core. I’m not sure if too much protein is an issue, or if she should have some kibble with brown rice. She also gets recurrent urinary tract infections, so again, I am wondering if high protein is good or bad. I just started her on a product called Urinary Gold which is suppose to correct the pH of the bladder. Thank you for any help you can give me to get my baby on the right diet to normalize her stomach and bladder.

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    Hi, try a kibble that is lower in fat%, Fiber% & maybe lower in protein & see how she goes..thats what the vets did with my boy & touch wood he hasn’t had diarrhea since last year….he was diagnosed with I.B.D & Pancreatitis & needs fat%-10% & under, fiber around 4% or under & protein around 26% or under. I also give cooked boiled chicken breast & a bit of boiled pumkin for breakfast mixed & mashed all together, then the kibble at lunch & dinner….he does 2 perfect poos a day now.. I tried the Wellness Complete Health kibble & he had bad diarrhea so I never tried the Wellness Core the fat, fiber & protein was to high for Patch…but I have him on the Holistic Select kibble as it break up more easy & is easier to digest, the protein is hydrolized making it easier to digest..he is still on the vet diet Eukanuba Intestinal it is also a low residue kibble that breaks up more easy… Ive been slowly mixing in the Holistic select kibble, I have him on the Senior cause the fat% is 10% & fiber is 3.50% protein is 26%..just have a look what the fat% & protein % is in the Urinary Gold is see if she is better, Its taken me 1 year to realize that the fat% was making him have the runs & needed a lower fat%…poor boy…

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    Hi, I read your pet’s problem and came to know that you are taking absolute precaution for your pet. It’s really good to know. I hope whatever diet you are offering to him right now is really good for him. Now, at this point, I’m very sorry for not offering you any kind of suggestion as you should strictly follow your vet’s advice. Hope you will understand it.

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    I can’t answer your food question except to say that a dry food is the worst food you can feed a dog with uti’s. Moisture is of the utmost importance. You’re much better off to feed canned, dehydrated or raw. If you must feed dry, add some canned to it along with water. She also needs ample opportunities to urinate.

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