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    tina s

    We have an (almost) 3 month old pitbull puppy and I am looking for the best way to help her nutritional needs be met and aiming for her to reach her growth potential.

    I am thinking of setting her schedule up as follows:

    breakfast: oatmeal, yogurt, and pumpkin with some nutrish (rachel rae) puppy kibble.

    lunch: kibble (salmon recipe)

    dinner: rice and ground beef or scrambled eggs (rotating weekly) along with nutrish puppy kibble.

    does anyone have experience with adding onto kibble for a balanced diet with a puppy? or see anything wrong with this schedule?

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    Schedule is honestly usually just based on what is convenient for the person. I see nothing wrong with three times a day.

    I feed add ons with my dogs food daily and I started when they were pups (anything from raw meat, veggies, tinned sardines, boiled eggs). The only advice I have is to make sure no more than 25% of her daily calories come from added food, that is the guideline my vet set for me. Otherwise you have to make sure your add ons are also complete and balanced. I also would not try adding all kinds of foods at once. Add one thing for a few days and see how she takes to it. If you start adding all kinds of stuff at once and her stomach does not agree with something, you won’t know which food she is reacting to.

    We do not have that kibble brand here so I cannot comment on whether it is good or not as I am not familiar with it. For puppy food, I do like Farmina puppy, Annamaet puppy, and Victor puppy

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    tina s

    Thank you for the feedback. I have read the under 25% rule. As far as introducing new things I will be implementing the schedule slowly.

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    Great! I think you have got a good idea on how to feed her then. Lucky pup, sounds like she will eat well 🙂

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    Harison N

    Tina, you have made a good diet schedule for your pitbull puppy. Yes, kibble is good for dog, I’ve read it on many forums and websites, everyone says kibbles are great and makes a balanced diet. I’ve read on a website, you have to feed variety of foods to your pitbull, that’s how you can make a perfect balance. I’ve noticed you haven’t added any fruit in the diet plan. You should include Apple, Mangoes, and Kiwis in the diet plan. Also, please feed cooked meat to your dog, never feed uncooked meat, that’s not good for dog’s health. Rest of your diet schedule is absolutely fine.

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