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    Kayla A

    I have 9 year old Pomeranian with itchy/dry skin issues, which makes him itch so much he loses hair. Also he also many allergies that can be found in many brands of dog food. It seems he is allergies to any form of meal product, any wheat product, and any corn product. It seems to stop hair growth and it doesnt help hes itchy all the time. Does anyone know of good dog foods that excludes this??

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    I would consult a veterinary dermatologist for the best results. Obviously, from what you have described your dog has a skin condition that needs diagnosis and treatment by a veterinary healthcare professional.

    PS: You could start with the regular vet, I assume the dog has had a recent checkup, dental check and lab work to rule out medical issues. If not, that would be a good place to start.
    Ask the vet about prescription food/therapeutic diet to rule out food sensitivities.

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    Hi Kayla,
    It sounds like your dog has Environment allergies & no matter what he eats he is itchy scratch, red paws, etc… it could be dust mites, human danger, a plant outside, it could be heaps of reason & its not what he’s eating…
    Are you seeing a Dermatologist that specializes in skin problems, to work out why is his skin is dry & itchy?
    Have you added fish oil to his diet or tin sardines or salmon in spring water, add 2 spoons a day to 1 of his meals?
    Have you tried a Hypoallergienic vet diet?? this would be the best diet at the moment till your vet or Dermatologist works out why your dog is itchy & has dry skin?

    I also have a 9 yr old dog, he’s a English Staffordshire Terrier, thay seem to be prone to allergies & food sensitivities. He suffers with Seasonal Environment Allergies, Food Sensitivitivies & IBD..
    as they age they get worse with their allergies NOT better, normally thru the Winter months he does really well, as long as he isnt eating any ingredients he’s sensitive too but since moving last December this Winter has been a nightmare, I think he’s allergic to the grass in back yard & the big trees in neighbour back yard that hang over into my yard & drop these little yellow flowers….
    Does your dog suffer with sloppy poos, diarrhea, gas/farts, vomiting etc this is a sign of food sensitivities?
    Have you done a food Elimination diet yet? best to do food elimination diet in the cooler months when allergens aren’t as high, so you dont get confussed when the dog itches & its environment & not ingredient your adding to his diet…
    Baths, are you bathing twice a week or weekly in a Medicated shampoo to wash off any allergens off skin & paws & put moisture back into his skin, I use Cucumber & Aloe baby wipes the days I don’t bath Patch..I also use creams to reduce any itchy red skin..
    have you tried Apoquel or Cytopoint injections?

    Here’s a really good f/b group you can join..
    “Dogs, Allergies, Issues & other Information Support group” https://www.facebook.com/groups/240043826044760/

    Here’s “Canine Skin Solutions group” run by 2 animal Dermatologist, take photo’s & post..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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