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    Ashley M


    I have a six month old lab puppy who seems to have food allergy or food intolerance. We started him on Nature’s Balance Large Breed Puppy and he would get awful tummy aches to the point of curling up on the floor and crying in pain for extended periods of time.

    After several trips to the vet along with x-rays, blood tests, and an ultrasound trying to figure out what was wrong and being told repeatedly by the vet that it was not food intolerance or allergy I asked her to please recommend a starter food that they would give a dog who does have food intolerance. She went ahead and prescribed Hills Science Diet Branch I/D. Its been two months and Jaxon (my puppy) hasn’t had any of those awful tummy aches since.

    That said, Jaxon is still not on the right food in my opinion. I feel in the long run Science Diet is a poor brand of food (the ingredients don’t strike me as high quality) and the ID formula isn’t right for a large breed puppy. I am terrified to transition him to anything else though and don’t know where to begin. My vet of course recommended Science Diet or Royal Canine Large Breed puppy. After thoroughly reading about both recommendations on this website I definitely do not want to feed Jaxon either of those. Can anyone give me a recommendation of other foods to research for a puppy who has a sensitive tummy or food allergy even though I have not been able to determine what exact ingredient causes this? Or possibly point me to a website that has more information on how to navigate through feeding a puppy with food issues? Thank you!

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    Nutrisca salmon and chickpea http://www.chewy.com/dog/dogswell-nutrisca-grain-free-salmon/dp/35031

    Wysong has some nice selections too. Chewy carries them.

    Consider homemade or a combination, check General Guidelines for feeding tips

    Or, consider a homeopathic approach http://vitalanimal.com/feed-for-vitality/

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    Christine M

    Did you already try Taste of the Wild kibble? It was highly recommended by our dog therapist and dog trainer who also trained our dog in her home for 12 days to stop his constant biting attempts (it’s a white German shepherd puppy, will turn 6 months this month). Since then we use Taste of the Wild. Maybe worth a try?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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