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    Vianca V

    My Syberian Huskey is very healthy, she currently eats Science Diet Sensitive Skin and Stomach, but after finding this website I wanted to transition her to Wellness Core Original. Yesterday was the first day and I gave her 2 cups of her original food with 1 cup of core unfortunately today she had loose stool. Should I wait it out or is there a better option? Or should I keep her on Science Diet?

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    For a Siberian Husky, I would definitely change to a higher meat protein food, however I would change slower. Try adding just 1/2 cup of the new food and then wait until her stools are normal. Then add 1/2 cup more. Some dogs require slower transitions than others, so always wait until her stool is back to normal before adding a larger amount of the new food. Check the calorie count on the new food versus the old one. You may need to feed less.

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    Jenny Rellick

    I agree with theBCnut’s advice–especially about serving sizes. My 50-pound dog has 2/3 cups twice daily, 1 cup of the new food may be an entire meal! The animal protein in a cup of Wellness may be the biggest serving in her life, and her stomach and intestines may overreact at first.Use “The Dog Food Calculator” on the main website to make sure you will feed the same calories as with the Science Diet. The smaller volume of food may look puny, but it is very rich, and your dog will quickly learn that the small volume doesn’t leave her hungry.

    If a more gradual transition doesn’t work, she may have an intolerance. Mike Segman has a great article about food intolerance and allergies at /frequently-asked-questions/dog-food-allergies/ . The intolerance means you dog has difficulty digestng an ingredient, and the particular meats used are the most likely culprits. Wellness Core uses chicken and turkey, and you might want to try another protein source and/or a limited ingredient diet.

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