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    Hi all! My puppy is 8 weeks and I’m wanting to get away from the dry dog food and feed him a raw diet. I’ve been researching for hours and I cannot find a good raw recipe to start him on. It seems like everyone just feeds in whole rather than mixing… I did find one recipe with ground beef and rice but I’m wanting something with chicken, veggies, fruit, etc. Can someone PLEASE help me? I have no idea where to start. I need some recipes, a menu, something! I’m feeling absolutely discouraged. I was looking for something I could freeze in bulk rather than spending a ton of money on whole chicken, turkey, etc. for different days.

    He’s an 8 week old American bulldog.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I feed ground raw, prey model diet. I don’t think dogs need fruits & veggies in their diet. I buy grinds from Hare Today & Reel Raw. RR has free shipping; the amount you must buy depends where you live. RR has four different complete & balanced meals: chicken, turkey, beef, pork and a mix of all. Hare has a better selection of proteins & a good amount of boneless. I have one 33 pounder who gets about 3.5 bony plus about an ounce of boneless per meal.

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    Kristin C

    BulldogMom-I make most of my dogs food and if you are looking for a chicken recipe here is one.

    30% breasts
    30% thighs
    5% liver
    15% gizzards
    5% pureed vegs and/or fruit
    15% pumpkin
    If you are not adding a supplement with calcium then add 1/2 tsp ground eggshell per lb of meat.

    Please note that this is not all you can feed in the long term. I feed beef with many organs, plus a variety of other proteins/organs and raw meaty bones, plus sardines. Hope that helps.

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    Kristin C

    Addition to my previous post-I also add add raw eggs to the poultry I make, and add cottage cheese once a week as well as yogurt and green tripe once a week as a frozen treat. On the days I don’t feed sardines I will add a small amount of fish oil and vitamin e to supplement. It’s hard to include every single thing on these posts. Just remember balance over time.

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    Daniel F

    Hi Bulldogmom,

    Dr Becker’s book outline recipes containing the ingredients you listed. I am currently reading this book and am hoping to begin implementing it into my daily feeding. By the way, she does pay a good deal of attention to calcium/phosphorus balance as she believes it’s most crucial for proper puppy bone development.

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