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    laura t

    Hi everyone. I am late to the game learning about Blue Buffalo and was told it was reputable, which I am sure it is, however our beautiful 4 month Charcoal Lab who has been eating the large breed puppy formula has had maybe one solid poop his whole life. And the last 2 weeks has been throwing up the food. I passed it off for a while because he likes to explore and I am constantly picking things out of his mouth. But the last 3 days have been horrible with throwing up his food. I went online to investigate… and found the consumer affairs reports. SIGH!!! I have been causing this all along. So I wanted to use a new food. My question is… normally you slowly introduce new food. Seems silly to mix something that is already upsetting his tummy with the new food… but don’t want to make things worse. How did people switch over to their new food?

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    Ronald R


    You better take him to a vet to be sure he does not have a blockage. Dogs throwing up can also be a sign of Pancreas issues and the constant diarrhea could be an issue with bad bacteria over growth in his small intestine that takes a specific antibiotic to clear up. Doubt if the dog food is causing this problem. One the other hand if you want to switch dog foods I would pick one that only had 1 animal protein, such as Taste Of The Wild, lamb or Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream. All other Taste Of The Wild products have mixtures of different animal proteins.

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    Hi Laura, if after you try another kibble & your dog poos haven’t firmed up please see a vet, don’t let his sloppy poo/diarrhea keep going, it ends up causing thickening of the bowel as they get older….
    I have a rescue dog that I rescued at the age of 4yrs old his old owners never bothered changing whatever he was eating & probably never seen a vet, he was in very poor condition when I rescued him, after seeing a vet & having test, he was diagnosed he has IBD & food sensitivities, your boy may be sensitive to an certain ingredient or he may have parasites… have a fecal smear, he may have Giardia & need medication…

    Give “Taste Of The Wild” Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb a try, it’s an all life stages kibble so your pup can eat it.. it only has Lamb as the protein. its grain free & doesn’t have many ingredients…Just put him straight on the new kibble, there’s no point adding a kibble he’s reacting too that’s if he’s reacting to his kibble…. When I saw vets about Patch vet would say just start the new vet diet & you would see an improvement within 2-3 days if he didn’t react to the new kibble…..My boy finally got better when he was put on Taste Of The Wild, I tried vet diets, premium kibbles, then I read on a few Face Book EPI & IBD groups, the dogs were doing really well when eating TOTW Pacific Stream Smoked Salmon & Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb but if after eating the TOTW Lamb & your boy isn’t doing firm poos within the 1-2 weeks, then see a vet with a sample of his morning poo in a container or jar..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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