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    I’ve been feeding raw for about 5 years (mostly pmr and some premade). I’m always rotating protein sources since my dog doesn’t have any digestive issues and tolerates it well. I also like to add fresh whole foods for variety which depends what I have on hand. I tend to stick with certain staples though that I add daily which includes salmon oil for omega 3’s and seameal blend for trace minerals. I also recently started using olewo carrots and beets which have been a huge hit and seem to benefit his skin/coat and prevent counter surfing. He also gets fresh egg couple times a week for additional vitamins or as a treat.

    Curious to see what other raw feeders supplement with. Any product you absolutely swear by and why do you use it?

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    Coconut oil for its antibacterial, antifungal, gut health, coat health, and a few other properties. I generally stay away from salmon oil and use herring, sardine, or anchovy oil instead because of the heavy metal contamination worry with larger fish. I always feed a supergreen or 3, but I rotate through a few different ones. I always give bee pollen for immune health. And I regularly give a vit E supplement that has all 8 types of vit E. I make my own veggie supplement and I always rotate veggies for it as well as throw in a handful of some kind of berries for antioxidants.

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    I just posted this on another thread as part of a larger response. Thought I’d add it to the discussion here.

    I’ve been giving Mystery garlic (pest control), and a vitamin C complex (gum health, immune support, antioxidant), from Springtime from the day I brought him home, that hasn’t changed now that he’s on raw. He’s also getting two 825mg capsules of curcumen (variety of cancers, inflammation, among many others), sprinkled on his food and about a tablespoon of coconut oil which I started him on for a skin condition that cleared up in a matter of weeks and continue to give him for a myriad of benefits. I may be adding krill oil to his list of supplements as well.

    Patty ~ what’s a supergreen? 3? Is it important to find a bee pollen that is local the way one could get relief from seasonal allergies by eating local honey, or is any bee pollen good for the immune system? Since Mystery is on a full raw diet now, would whole herring, anchovies and sardines be better than the oils (note, I am considering krill oil but only if I can’t find a good source of raw fish)?

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    I’m curious to find out good human consumption grade Bone Meal to use to raw-feed my pup. Any suggestions?

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    I use Solger bone meal but Now and Kal brands were also listed in the recipe book I use.

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    I love apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, raw eggs, and I always keep a good joint supplement around for my old girl.

    I’m curious – most glucosamine/chondroitin is sourced from shellfish, correct? Would crayfish count as well? Whenever we go camping, we catch loads of the lil buggers. Would it be safe to give the cooked shells to a dog (consistency is a lot like an eggshell), or would they need to be ground…or should they just be avoided altogether?

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    These are are the supplements I have on hand but don’t necessarily give every day: Springtime Bug Off, Longevity and Joint Chews, Mercola Bladder Support, Wysong Biotic pH, krill oil, calamari oil, vit E and C, ubiquinol, cetyl-M, DE.

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