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    Michael D

    The following are several suggestions that would make more useful for me. But, before I begin, let me say thank you for all the years of work that has gone into the site. Also, I know most suggestions are rejected or shelved for legitimate reasons.

    1) I would like to be able to filter the lists by canned/dry, rating, manufacturer, primary ingredient, and keyword.

    2) I noticed that many of the dog foods brands available in my local stores (Houston, Tx) are not listed on Most of the formulations are not listed. It is entirely understandable base on the variety available. Most are so cheap that I am confident they will be on the undesirable list. All I needed was a list of recommended formulations (thank you). However, I would like you to provide detailed instructions (video) so that your members could go to their local grocery and pet stores to collect the necessary information. A proper analysis likely requires experience and a doctorate. But your members should be able to submit a photo of the food package, ingredients list, expiration date, (and possibly the price). They could use this photo evidence to populate a database. Granted, 97% of your members will not be interested in contributing. But, dog lovers are more community-oriented than most. I bet one in fifty of the people who post on your forums would be willing to participate. With photographs and a few checks, it is not apparent to me how malicious actors could corrupt the systems. You could offer a reduced membership to participants if revenue increases as a result.

    Thank for reading,
    Regards, Mike

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