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    First off, love this site and all the work you’ve put into it. I don’t buy a dog food that I haven’t read about here first.

    There are a lot of foods though that you haven’t reviewed and I can only imagine why. There are just so many! That said, it would really be nice if there were a way to analyze them ourselves, or at least, get an idea. Is there any way you can list ingredients on a page, in alphabetical order, with basic information about them?

    You could still list the controversials in red so most users would know right away.

    Take for example Dried Potato. You say:

    The X-number ingredient is dried potato, a dehydrated item usually made from the by-products of potato processing. In most cases, dried potato can contain about 10% dry matter protein which can affect our estimate of the total meat content of this recipe.

    It could say that, but because you won’t know what number ingredient it is, it would be helpful if we learned when it was important and when it was not. For example, how different would the importance be if the first ingredient was dried potato or if it were the last ingredient? Or what about the 7th?

    Another thing – and this would go with your reviews too, but it’s important for users to know this – is a warning on which manufacturing countries are a danger. Most of us know that Chinese manufactured dog food is a serious no-go. Not everyone does though. Also, to take that a step further, what ingredients are particularly dangerous in a country such as China? Or is it any ingredient?

    Again, this would be helpful for your users who are researching foods you haven’t yet reviewed. Also by putting it on one page (or if you don’t want that the user could choose to “view all” or “print the bad ingredients” or whatever) they can then print it and take it with them when looking at what dogs foods are locally available to them and quickly find the ingredients. I say this because not everyone can afford to buy online and not every town has a Petsmart.

    Many thanks for giving us the opportunity to make suggestions, and for your hard work. 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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